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    New York Comic Con Schedule!

    So I actually did come to New York on short notice, and will turn up in a few places. I wouldn’t bring a ton of comics to sign since I’m not tabling, but if you bring a few and track me down on Twitter it should be do-able. I’m mostly at ONI signing fresh new copies of the about-to-debut METEOR MEN book with Sandy Jarrell!

    and I think some DC signings, but not confirmed yet. See you at the Javits Center!

    Read METEOR MEN Pt 1 at Comixology

    If you can’t wait for mid-October when the print edition of METEOR MEN hits stores, go to Comixology now and begin reading Part 1 of 5.

    And here’s a very appreciated write up of our book over at Panel Patterto give you an idea of what it’s like.

    Thank you!

    METEOR MEN- Time To Order

    Here’s something I’m extremely proud of, METEOR MEN- an original graphic novel by me and Sandy Jarrell from Oni Press that’s due out this October. It’s a Featured Item from Diamond Previews, order code JUN141331. Please let your store of choice know you’d like them to stock our book if you have a moment. Here’s the link to the description.


    I hope you’ve been reading KINGS WATCH from Dynamite, if so (and even if you haven’t) you should be ready for the news that Dynamite is launching a FLASH GORDON title that I’m also writing, with the stellar art team of Evan Shaner drawing and Jordie Bellaire coloring. It’s going to be as fantastic as the premise demands.

    Here’s a discussion on it over at Comic Book Resources, and a lotof cover previews.

    Sunday Shark-centric Conversation

    Why yes, I AM going to post things here in 2014, I’ve just been taking it easy. But here’s a fun talk I had with Paul Montgomery for CBR’s Sunday Conversationwhere we essentially talk about Jaws, and fish, and Natalie Wood while you’re debating whether to go out in sub-zero temperatures.

    And correction, that famous photo the other day is really a dolphin, which makes sense because I saw many dolphins when I lived right by there in Hermosa Beach.

    Kings Watch 3!

    Get ready, Mandrake is all in this story now! You can see a preview and read me talking with Tony Lee over at ComicVine about itbefore picking up KINGS WATCH #3 today.

    Age of the Sentry Script

    Feeling like it’s time to put up some more comics scripts, and this one is from the miniseries AGE OF THE SENTRY, where we essentially did Mort Weisinger- era Superman stories with Marvel characters.

    I picked this one because it’s an example of dealing with an editorial change. Originally there was a request passed around in 2008 for some of the books to have Stephen Colbert appear in them, during that time that the Colbert Report made friends with Marvel. I often played ball with requests like that because I like to see if I can make such things work, and our book was a comedy so it could. Since he had a running joke about how evil bears were, I thought it would be pretty Silver Age to give Sentry a giant bear to fight and put a 60′s version of Colbert at the center of it all.

    And then came word that editorial actually only wanted him in one book- and surprise, it was Amazing Spider-Man. Not sure how that got miscommunicated, but now I had to take Colbert out of AOS and needed a journalist figure who would plug in well. This one was kind of stumping me so I was asking my Periscope Studio-mates, and Colleen Coover blurted “Truman Capote!” It only took a few minutes of imagining that to confirm that yes, Capote would indeed be comedy gold. So I started replacing all instances of Colbert with Capote, which was more involved than a Find and Replace in Word, but it led to new scenes I liked better, like the one that has him reference Harper Lee and reenact a scene from To Kill A Mockingbird. Truman Capote also makes a better visual and artist Nick Dragotta clearly had a good time drawing him.

    This kind of last-minute rip-up and start over happens a lot in monthly comics, which is why it’s best to stay in a zen writing state and not get too married to your ideas. I don’t want to have to do it much, but this one turned out well. It will be added to the SCRIPTS section up in the header.


    Race to False Face!

    I knew I was taking a hiatus from posting for a while, but I wasn’t expecting to see my last one was the Breaking Bad pool, yow. In the meantime a lot of Batman 66 has come out, like the Batgirl episode drawn by Colleen Coover. And this week is part two of FALSE FACEdrawn by Chris Jones, who also brings us the 66 BATPLANE.

    I’m emerging majestically from a mudpit of deadlines, so you should see more postings soon. And if you’re local to the Portland, Oregon area, I’m appearing at Odyssey Comics this Saturday from 4 to 7.

    Your Breaking Bad Finale Guesses

    I’m having a hard time not thinking about what might happen on next weeks final episode of Breaking Bad.And I don’t want to guess out loud online, because that’s a form of spoiler, it makes people anticipate developments, possibly ruining the fun of watching what unfolds.

    So for all who want to participate, I’m going to do a time capsule here starting now. If you want to give your best guess in the comments, I’ll hold them in moderation and then approve them all after “Felina” airs next Sunday. And I’m going to not read any until then. I don’t need to be convinced of how hilarious you are, just give me your real predictions. We can pretend there’s money riding on it (because somewhere, you know there is)!


    Rose City Comic-Con, Saturday and Sunday!

    I’ll be sitting at some table, I imagine (I do know I’m between my collaborators Jonathan Case and Erika Moen), and I’ll be doing a fair amount of panels. Like so:



    Room: Panel 3
    Start: 11:00AM
    End: 12:00PM

    Are you a writer struggling to find your voice? Are you looking for tips or advice to help you get through writer’s block? Are you struggling with figuring out your characters? Come sit down with some of the best writers in comics as they tell you the habits and beliefs that got them to where they are today. Joining this panel is Christopher Yost (Thor: The Dark World), Anina Bennett (Heartbreakers, Boilerplate), Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Marvels), Jeff Parker (Bucko, Adventures of Superman), and Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Helheim).


    Room: Panel 5
    Start: 1:00PM
    End: 2:00PM

    The creation process is unlike any other. Panel layout, angles, inking, lettering and coloring are all just as much a part of the writing process of a comics book. Join writer/artist Leia Weathington (The Legend of Bold Riley), Jeff Parker (Thunderbolts, Adventures of Superman), Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Marvels) and Shawn Aldridge (Vic Boone) as they go through their process of making a comic book.


    Room: Panel 6
    Start: 5:00PM
    End: 6:00PM

    Jeff Parker is the writer/artist of numerous comics including X-Men: First Class, Bucko, Thunderbolts, Agents of Atlas, Dark Avengers, and Adventures of Superman. Hear all about how he does it and ask him your best questions.



    Room: Panel 3
    Start: 1:00PM
    End: 3:00PM

    One of Portland’s most popular podcasts is coming to an end right here at the Rose City Comic Con. Creators Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds) and Bobby Roberts (Welcome to that Whole Thing) pull out all the stops as their panel made up of comic’s top talents bring you the greatest and last Nerdfight. Joining this epic battle is Greg Rucka (Stumptown, The Punisher), Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Fantastic Four), Kelly Sue DeConnick (Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel), Dylan Meconis (Bite Me!).

    And I will have trades galore at my table, wherever that is, so come by and make me write my name!


    If you haven’t heard, I’m the new writer on AQUAMAN with issue 26. Very excited as Geoff Johns has done a fantastic job with the book since day one, and I get to team again with powerhouse artist Paul Pelletier who I worked with back on Fall Of The Hulks. So if you’re new to my work- welcome to my site!

    Get EGGSPERIENCED In Batman ’66

    Today we welcome Sandy Jarrell to the Bat-Artists table and Rico Renzi on Rad Colors in Episode 9, featuring the eggcentric EGGHEAD! Stop by Comixology with 99 cents.


    THE JOKER comes to Batman ’66 today, beautifully realized by Joe Quinones and Maris Wicks! See a preview at IGN, and head to Comixology for part one.

    The Siren Sings

    Batman must take on the most controlling woman in Gotham in today’s BATMAN ’66, drawn and partially PAINTED by Jonathan Case! For 99 cents over at COMIXOLOGY!



    I’ll be there with Jonathan Case and Mike Allred, signing the first issue of Batman ’66 while a DJ plays surf music and a real Batman runs around fighting crime and poses for pics with kids! Parking is always a puzzle on Mississippi Ave., so carpool if you can or bike or take the MAX and walk up. Also: FREE REFRESHMENTS. See you Oregon/Washington folk there!