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  • Archive for 'X-Men'

    X-Men:First Class Scripts

    Today I’m putting up a pretty big batch, from my years on X-Men First Class. I put some brief descriptions above each file. These are easy to track down issues of if you want to see how they turned out, most excellently drawn by Roger Cruz. If you only saw the movie, sorry, it doesn’t [...]

    Newsarama’s First Look: X-MEN vs. AGENTS OF ATLAS 2

    Which looks awesome, is what.


    Go to Newsarama and get a peek at this sweet baby that comes out TODAY. The main feature has the always stellar art of Carlo Pagulayan, and for our back up we welcome artists’ artist Chris Samnee! It is a comics art lover must-have. Plus: Cyclops and Emma in a dune buggy! UPDATE: I forgot [...]

    X-MEN vs. ATLAS at Newsarama!

    The preview of the big throwdown is up over at Newsarama! Do me a solid and click ‘recommend’ a few times if you go. Carlo Pagulayan is the incredible…

    Dispatch War Rocket Ajax- To Bring Back My Podcast

    I talked to Chris Sims and to some extent, The Euge, who gave me his cold over Skype. And it resulted in an episode of WAR ROCKET AJAX. Since it was Friday, at the end I completely go comatose and cannot even answer yes/no questions. Cool Modok me by Rusty “I have at least three [...]

    ATLAS vs. X-MEN!

    Kevin Mahedo and I talk about the two part X-MEN vs. AGENTS OF ATLAS special over at Marvel.com today. Not only does this project have Carlo Pagulayan turning in some of the most incredible art of his career, we also have The Mighty’s Chris Samnee drawing the 50′s agents versus the Original X-Men. It’s so [...]


    I can’t keep straight what it’s called, but it’s going to be fly… Giant-Size Special #1. This is misleading as I only write the bookend bits, but you’re going to love Scott Gray’s (his name- he was born to write them) handle on the mutants, and Craig Rousseau’s art. Also, I illustrate a Roger Langridge [...]

    Preview EXILES 1 You, and look… MAN-THANG!

    Over at Newsarama you can see the first few pages of next weeks all new, newer than new, newtastic EXILES. Modoks will be bitten, and sadly, robot lions will be shot. Also… This week X-MEN FIRST CLASS: FINALS #3 is out, as we get closer to the truth of who is attacking the original five [...]

    Uncanny First Class is On The Way

    Sorry to be so tight-lipped for months about the First Class book to come, but now you may have seen either at CBR or over at Newsarama that the next step is the Uncanny Version 2 of the team. Bamf! I predict that this will mirror the original X-Switch and that this book will take [...]


    Over at Comic Book Resources, I do an X-Position talking a bit about X-MEN FIRST CLASS FINALS and EXILES. Plus a little bit of AGENTS OF ATLAS. And there’s some art to see. This will stall you until I remember how the New York Convention ended.

    First Class Film-fun

    Things are looking good for that much-speculated upon X-Men: First Class movie as they’ve brought Josh Schwartz in to write, which leads to fun speculation about who would play who. Like in this piece with me talking to Jennifer Vineyard over at MTV Movie News. But to be clear, I don’t think it will resemble [...]

    X-Men/Medusa Preview

    X-Men: First Class#15 is out this week, drawn by the InKomparable Karl Kesel. Go read the first few pages over at Comic Book Resources.

    Still At Beach.

    And when I get back, boy will this place wake up with cracking insight and news! But I’ve got another day to go play at the beautiful Oregon Coast here in Manzanita. In the meantime, I see that one of my studiomates, the up n’ coming red-headed talent Rich Ellis did an X-Men: First Class [...]

    JP Talks to PW, Angel Gets A Whole XFC To Himself

    Here’s a quick interview Laura Hudson did with me over at Publisher’s Weekly. And you can read a preview of tomorrow’s X-Men: First Class over at Toon Talk. It’s the ANGEL ISSUE.

    Tomorrow: Enter… THE CONTINUI-TEENS!

    This is what it has all been building to, friends. Marvel’s most sensational new team- discover their origin and how the Marvel Universe cannot do without them. In stores tomorrow. Oddly enough, WordPress tells me that this is none other than Post #666. It wasn’t planned that way- what could it mean? Maybe it just [...]