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  • Archive for 'Writing'

    Age of the Sentry Script

    Feeling like it’s time to put up some more comics scripts, and this one is from the miniseries AGE OF THE SENTRY, where we essentially did Mort Weisinger- era Superman stories with Marvel characters. I picked this one because it’s an example of dealing with an editorial change. Originally there was a request passed around [...]

    Writing For Artists

    Are you writing a script that an artist is going to carry through the finish line? If you don’t draw yourself or have a lot of experience with it, you should read Steve Lieber’s latest DILETTANTE column over at the Comicon International blog, Toucan. The best part is that Steve blows apart the “unlimited budget [...]

    Writing From One Who Knows

    Here’s some good thoughts about writing from Charles Johnson, who taught it long enough to drive a normal person insane- when I think back on my creative writing classes and how painful it must have been to read our fiction. We had absolutely nothing to say. Over at Brian McDonald’s blog, referred (I think) by [...]

    How Not To- Comics Crit by Dylan Meconis

    This spread far and wide earlier this week, but I want to contribute to it being accepted without question in comics critique mechanics so that every one who might review comics for the first time has a better chance of coming across it. Dylan Meconis covers almost all the problems that turn up when reviewers [...]


    Gah, I posted nothing today. But if you look at me talking to Dustin Harbin and Ben Towle on Twitter today, I accidentally said some made up rules about breaking up dialogue in comics panels that might be useful if you’re trying to figure out stuff like this. At some point I may do a [...]

    Crazy Short Writing Tip

    -write the end first.

    Specific to Comics Format…

    This is maybe too basic, but it couldn’t hurt to have a reminder if you’re writing comics. Don’t forget where the page turns are (this won’t matter as much when its all digital). Unless your publisher does something different with the book, page 1 is on the right and page 2 will be your first [...]

    Atlas Scripts Up In There

    Well, just two, but I’m starting on that section now. I should be putting a few Agents of Atlas scripts up in the new SCRIPTS resource page this week, and I’m beginning with a couple from the solo series, Gorilla-Man and The Uranian. That’s two separate minis, not a wacky buddy-cop show. I’m sure I [...]

    How to Co-Create Comic Books

    That was misleading, I admit. I don’t know how to co-create comic books. Not that this ever stops me, I charge right into working with other cartoonists to bring new books and characters into existence, hoping I’ll figure it out on the way. This subject comes up regularly at Periscope Studio, of which I’m a [...]

    X-Men:First Class Scripts

    Today I’m putting up a pretty big batch, from my years on X-Men First Class. I put some brief descriptions above each file. These are easy to track down issues of if you want to see how they turned out, most excellently drawn by Roger Cruz. If you only saw the movie, sorry, it doesn’t [...]

    More Scripts- Horror, Science

    I’ve gone back and added a couple of Fantastic Four issues to the All Ages script section (link is in header), including the tribute to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In Supernatural and SuperScience, I’ve put in a couple of scripts from when Marvel was about to launch New Universal with Warren Ellis writing. The point [...]

    Welcome THE SCRIPTS Page!

    I’ve been meaning to do this forever. Instead of going through and finding a few scripts whenever someone writes and requests them, I’m putting up a resource page that will have several to choose from. It’s up there in the header, that link that says SCRIPTS! I’m starting today with a few scripts from the [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part eight

    *Nuts! I thought I had this set to post today, automagically. Anyway. The big showdown between the future Agents of Atlas and mysterious bad guys (and a mutated Cosmonaut dog) comes to a head in Washington, DC! Points to any old school Marvel readers who know where that biker gang is from. Going back over [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part seven

    We’re almost done- in this penultimate chapter Jimmy Woo’s team venture behind the Iron Curtain to get a peek at the Soviet space program. Space nerds will note the appearance of an historical figure; Marvel nerds will note an early appearance of the Red Ghost. (I, of course, am both kinds of nerd)- JP ——————————————————————————————————— [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part six

    “The Liar and the Truthteller” “Brain tissue?” asked Venus, clearly repulsed. “Yes- a brilliant if crude solution,” replied Marvel Boy as he looked at the machine that had been influencing their dreaming minds. “Earth simply doesn’t have very sophisticated means of computing yet. Your greatest computer is the size of a small house and can [...]