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  • Archive for 'Random!'

    New York Comic Con Schedule!

    So I actually did come to New York on short notice, and will turn up in a few places. I wouldn’t bring a ton of comics to sign since I’m not tabling, but if you bring a few and track me down on Twitter it should be do-able. I’m mostly at ONI signing fresh new [...]

    METEOR MEN- Time To Order

    Here’s something I’m extremely proud of, METEOR MEN- an original graphic novel by me and Sandy Jarrell from Oni Press that’s due out this October. It’s a Featured Item from Diamond Previews, order code JUN141331. Please let your store of choice know you’d like them to stock our book if you have a moment. Here’s [...]


    I hope you’ve been reading KINGS WATCH from Dynamite, if so (and even if you haven’t) you should be ready for the news that Dynamite is launching a FLASH GORDON title that I’m also writing, with the stellar art team of Evan Shaner drawing and Jordie Bellaire coloring. It’s going to be as fantastic as [...]

    Sunday Shark-centric Conversation

    Why yes, I AM going to post things here in 2014, I’ve just been taking it easy. But here’s a fun talk I had with Paul Montgomery for CBR’s Sunday Conversation where we essentially talk about Jaws, and fish, and Natalie Wood while you’re debating whether to go out in sub-zero temperatures. And correction, that [...]

    Kings Watch 3!

    Get ready, Mandrake is all in this story now! You can see a preview and read me talking with Tony Lee over at ComicVine about it before picking up KINGS WATCH #3 today.

    Your Breaking Bad Finale Guesses

    I’m having a hard time not thinking about what might happen on next weeks final episode of Breaking Bad. And I don’t want to guess out loud online, because that’s a form of spoiler, it makes people anticipate developments, possibly ruining the fun of watching what unfolds. So for all who want to participate, I’m [...]

    Order KING’S WATCH Now!

    Here’s a newly colored preview of the series event from Dynamite, luscious Marc Laming work done great justice by Jordan Boyd. Let your local shop know it’s coming out in September and you need it to be there.

    Order KINGS WATCH, Now!

    There’s an unlettered (for some reason) preview of the upcoming KING’S WATCH book from Dynamite featuring Flash Gordon, Mandrake and The Phantom, written by me and drawn by the great Marc Laming. Please spread the word and lets get this ordered in heavy quantities, because it’s going to be good. Preview of King’s Watch

    Man Of Steel

    I should just say I liked it. Instead I’m going to write down some of my thoughts about Man Of Steel so I hopefully won’t be tempted to argue with friends online about it, as this is a divisive movie among the comics internet. Which I wasn’t expecting, I thought we’d all just be happy [...]


    It’s coming! The original big three of the King Features stable who influenced countless heroes all under one comics cover, drawn amazingly by Marc Laming and written by me, from Dynamite later this year. Here’s me talking to Chris Sims at Comics Alliance about it in our Instant Message shenanigan style! UPDATE: Here’s me talking [...]

    Super Ratings

    Over at MTV.com a few of us are chiming in on the PG 13 rating that Man Of Steel has. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so all I can do is think about it. This weekend, though. In a few hours a new project will be announced too, so tune back in.


    It’s here! The first issue of Adventures of Superman anthology, with the story by me and Chris Samnee, as well as Jeff Lemire, Justin Jordan and Riley Rossmo. Cover by Bryan Hitch, variant cover by Chris (shown here). If you’re in Portland, Oregon, I’ll be at Floating World Comics from 5 to 7 pm signing [...]

    It Is Free Comic Book Day

    And you can find participating comics shops here. A good time to take someone who you think might like comics because they will walk out with something, and maybe you can buy something while there because those shop owners still had to pay for those free comics. Many of these stores will have artists appearing [...]

    The Eighth Seal

    I want to see if the THRILLBENT digital comics will embed in my site here with this excellent beginning from James Tynion and Jeremy Rock, The Eighth Seal. Just keep clicking to advance, it’s very effective.

    Excellent Eisner Nominations!

    Look at what’s maybe the best list of cartoonists qualified to win the Eisner award in 20 years, here at the Comic-Con site. Names like Colleen Coover, Paul Tobin, Chris Samnee, Nate Cosby and others I’ve seen bring the awesome first hand are all over that list, this will be a ceremony to attend!