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  • Archive for 'Thunderbolts'

    Talking With Tim about THUNDERBOLTS

    Over at Robot 6 on CBR, Tim O’Shea and I look back at my Thunderbolts run and I share some stuff I wouldn’t have at the time! Now keep reading Dark Avengers so we can do this again.

    Farewell Thunderbolts!

    This is it! This is where The Thunderbolts sail off into the sunset. Thanks everyone for supporting the “Underbolts” and I hope you’ll all stay on going forward with the people the book is actually named for now. Moonstone of course, would not be denied, and is switching allegiances because she can’t stand to not [...]

    Dark Avengebolts Out Today

    With the return of the THUNDERBOLTS and THE JUGGERNAUT!!! Let nothing stop you from charging into the comics shop today.

    DA 179- Farewell Walker and Martin

    179 PREVIEW AT COMIC BOOK RESOURCES I forgot to mention this last week, but I was at the beach in a tent. Today Dark Avengers 179 is out with art by Kev Walker and a guest scene by Gabriel Walta, who did excellent work. This is the last Kev art on the book as he [...]

    Farewell, Thunderbolts Tower

    A preview of this week’s Dark Avengers over at CBR.

    Dark Avengers 177 Preview

    Next week our story gets deeper into the mystery of the Dark Avengers’ mission to Sharzhad, while the Thunderbolts try mightily to kill Dr. Doom. Preview over at Comic Book Resources.

    Thunderbolts 174- TODAY

    Get in now before you have to remember to walk over to the earlier part of the alphabet racks at the comics shop- Thunderbolts 174 hits stores today! And once again lets look at those popular Declan Shalvey thumbnails that make for such wizard compositions. Read us and say FAREWELL TO FIXER…

    DARK AVENGERS First Look!

    Check it out, coming 6/6- Thunderbolts becomes DARK AVENGERS with 175 and our story kicks into the highest of gears. Here’s a few pages to see over at ComicVine!

    Thunderbolts Preview!

    You can preview next week’s Thunderbolts/Thunderbolts finale over at Comic Book Resources. THE DEATH OF FIXER!

    Avenging, Darkly

    Declan Shalvey and I talk to Dave Richards at CBR about the upcoming Thunderbolts Dark Avengers story arc!

    Thunderbolts 173 Is Out! More Shalveythumbs

    Since that last round of Declan Shalvey thumbnail layouts went over so well, here’s the first half of today’s book in that form. This really is one of the neatest parts of the book coming together. Hope you enjoy part two of Thunderbolts Vs. Thunderbolts, especially the cliffhanger…

    Shalvey Pencils!

    Since everyone is digging Declan Shalvey’s process stuff that he’d probably like to show on his own site- sorry Dec! I’m putting up his pencils from the preview pages you can see in yesterday’s post. In fact, if you go over to his site today he has a couple of these pages inked, so you [...]

    This Week- A Thunderdeath!

    Big, big happenings as The Thunderbolts finally disrupt reality as you all suspected they would. Here’s a preview from CBR.

    Shalvey Thumbnails for Thunderbolts 172

    While we’re looking at process stuff, I thought you’d like to see how Declan Shalvey lays out a comic book. He always figures the whole thing out in two batches of thumbnails and it lets me read a tiny, rough version of the whole book. This is why his compositions are so strong- when you [...]

    Big Day: Creepy! Hulk! Thunderbolts!

    I don’t know why all my books have to come out on the same week instead of spreading the wealth, but I suppose if you follow my stuff in particular it makes it easier for you. This really is a banner week for me- first, from Dark Horse I reunite with my ol’ X-Men First [...]