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  • Archive for 'Studio'

    Periscope Studio on the TV

    Oregon Public Broadcasting’s show Art Beat visited our studio recently and talked with several of our artists. It was a nice day so I was out farting around on a boat instead-you can see my empty desk behind Colleen Coover. Largely profiled are my pals Ron Randall and Erika Moen. Enjoy!

    Old site sinking, New needs linking

    Hey, remember how the studio I’m part of added several new members and changed its name from Mercury Studio to PERISCOPE? Well, Steve Lieber decided it was time to make the studio blog reflect that as well, and hit the Blogspot button that allowed the move to a new name, Periscopestudio.blogspot.com. But like a rational [...]

    PERISCOPE in Publisher’s Weekly

    Here’s an excellent article by Douglas Wolk profiling our studio today. If only Weekly started with a P so I could get that alliteration going- Portland Periscope in Publisher’s Piece would have worked, I guess. I am on page 441 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    Serve Us, Provider.

    Why am I suddenly not Johnny-on-the-spot with my Comments replies? Because we have no internet access in our new studio! (Which looks great and I’ll put pictures up soon.) But silly us, we thought moving up two floors in the same building would make switching over our existing phone service a snap. Not so, once [...]

    Pete Woods, Everybody

    “Working on the “Big Guns” of the DCU can always be intimidating. Wonder Woman is especially challenging because so much of who she is and what she represents is told in her face rather that a cowl like Batman or the big chin and spit-curl of Supes. No matter what Wonder Woman must always look [...]

    Hahn, Covered

    Foo-hah, I meant to link to this the other day. Super-blogger Kevin Melrose talked to my studiomate David Hahn the other day, and it’s a good interview. Over at Kevin’s super-blog, Comics Covered. Lots of studio news to come up in the next few weeks, by the way.