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  • Archive for 'Science'


    I’m happy to finally be able to see footage of an actual living Giant Squid thanks to three scientists going down many times in a Triton submersible off the coast of Japan. But I will see that enormous eye in my dreams now.

    Happy Carl Sagan Day!

    As a kid I was at the perfect age for Carl Sagan’s COSMOS series to hit and pull me into the greater world of science. Try to imagine it now, he was a rock-star astronomer! Johnny Carson used to have him on the Tonight Show and do skits imitating him, everyone knew who the “Billions [...]

    Touchdown Tonight!

    Curiosity Rover lands on Mars tonight! 10:30 my time, I think. Here’s the live feed from NASA which will be going on throughout.

    Driving On Mars

    CNN.com has a very in-depth article about a colleague of mine from university days who went on to be instrumental in the Mars Pathfinder missions, driving the Rovers on the Red Planet. He was always brilliant and it’s never been a surprise he would get so far (so, SO far!) but it’s still wonderful to [...]


    Everyone keeping up with the Dragon spacecraft docking with the International Space Station? You can follow the SPACE X Twitter for updates. Private space flight makes a huge leap forward!

    Eclipse Today!

    If you’re on the west coast of the U.S., from about 5:30 to 7:45 you’ll be able to see the solar eclipse today. Actually if you’re west of the Mississippi you should be able to see it, but it won’t appear the sun is being eaten by a dragon as clearly as it will far [...]


    Tranquility Base established.


    40 years ago today, three men sitting on top of a controlled bomb flipped off the rest of us on Earth and said “So long suckers. We’re going to THE MOON!” While we’re feeling all smug about our internet and connectivity, we should also remember that it’s been 40 years since the greatest 20th Century [...]

    Now That’s a Model Rocket

    For other rocket nerds out there, I found this article over at RocketryPlanet.com. The builder is Steve Eves who does autobody work and undertook the task of making a 36 ft. scale model of the Saturn 5 rocket. You can then get closure by watching one of the youtube videos of the launch, which goes [...]

    Ottaviani Cannons Space Race

    Another winning Comics Reporter Sunday Interview, this time with Jim Ottaviani talking about his book with Kevin and Zander Cannon, T-Minus: The Race To The Moon. For some reason I was inspired to write one of those bafflingly cheeky Hollywood Reporter/Variety style headlines. I apologize.

    My Earth Day Comics Initiative

    Besides the obvious Stop Killing Trees to Print Comics, of course (we’re only a few years away from that). No, I think other creators and I could make an effort to simply set more stories in natural environments, which most artists prefer to draw. While readers are idealizing larger than life characters, they can be [...]


    Newsarama has an interview up today with Jim Ottaviani talking about his upcoming book with (brothers) Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon T-MINUS. It’s about the race to the moon, which I never tire of reading, and Jim has a good hopeful point about the dire things we face today (world economy) and how the space [...]

    Alt Ending of the Day

    Maybe it was because we were discussing books here yesterday, but last night I couldn’t get the famous “Time Enough At Last” episode of the Twilight Zone out of my head. Just like the way everything comes to a halt at the studio when we start pondering how to survive in a world populated with [...]

    The Blog Lab

    Jim Ottaviani, esteemed publisher of science comics as GT-Labs (and now writer for other publishers such as TOR), is finally wading into the webloggy waters with his new blog that appears to have no proper name. Go see how like other new bloggers he’s horribly self-conscious about starting one, even though it’s practically expected of [...]

    What if Every Black Hole in the Universe…

    -was originally a planet where the last words uttered were, “Okay, fire up the supercollider!” National Geographic has a good article on the supercollider and the God Particle online now. See you on the Event Horizon! *Don’t worry, I’ve run the numbers and this will not create a tiny black hole. It will, however, open [...]