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  • Archive for 'News'

    Walter Cronkite: The Real Deal

    Few people will ever cast as long a shadow as Walter Cronkite, and probably no one in TV news ever will again. Here’s a fairly thorough walk through his life at the New York Times. I was just thinking about him the other day, naturally, since we were observing the 40th anniversary of the moon [...]

    Miracleman Explains the Financial Crisis

    You know, people are looking everywhere to make sense of the global financial crisis- especially looking to that torch in the darkness-comics- and it occurs to me almost daily that the essentials of it all were explained best back in the 1980′s by Miracleman. From Miracleman #16, Eclipse Comics, Alan Moore and John Totleben.

    Post Electional

    Like many people I’m having a hard time shifting out of political-obsess mode, but I did manage to get work done yesterday, so that’s progress. Still, I spent a good chunk of time reading this fascinating series at Newsweek that shows us the past year from inside the Obama/Clinton/McCain campaigns by embedded journalists who agreed [...]

    First they trounce our Dollar, Now our stamps.

    Okay British friends, if you have something small to mail me, you can do so with those boss James Bond stamps Royal Mail has coming out. I’m so envious. Moreso, because what do we get? Freaking YODA.

    Happy Earth Day

    “Ooh… NICE.” -Ego, The Living Planet from Marvel Adventures The Avengers #12 Merry Earth Day? Fruitful Earth Day? How do you wish this planetary day at someone anyway? Looking at NPR.org this morning I immediately gravitated (haw) to a couple of articles, which are more are less Earth news. Nuclear Plant Harbors Crocodiles I think [...]

    The whole ballot will be listed soon, but let me jump the gun and say this. Dear John: The Alex Toth Doodlebook has been nominated for Best Comics-Related Book in the 2007 Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards! Congratulations to John Hitchcock for getting this project so far, and to Billy Ingram for laboring over it [...]

    Nothing Today

    I feel my role here is to provide distractions from the real world, but as I’m sure it is with a lot of you, I can’t think of anything else but that Virginia Tech massacre today. Just awful, and I wish the best for the recovering victims.