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  • Archive for 'Mysterius'

    Mysterius The iPadable

    You know you can read MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE by me and Tom Fowler over at Comixology, starting the first issue for 99 cents, if you wish.

    MYSTERIUS on Digital-Today Only!

    I mean, it will be offered after today, but not for just 99 cents an issue! You can read the whole series for $6 today through Comixology, so get in on that action. Incredible artwork by Tom Fowler, demons from children’s literature, naked witches, seances, everything you need from a comic about a self-centered magician [...]

    Mysterius and Hurricane Scripts

    Today on the Script Page I’ve added The Man Called Hurricane that I did with Tomm Coker for the Marvel Westerns special a few years ago. It’s an updating of a story from that strange period where Marvel was still doing western comics but transitioning into cape comics. I’ve also put three scripts from Mysterius [...]

    Hear Mysterius, Canada

    Or really, everyone- Tom Fowler is heading over to the CBC studios to talk to the All In A Day show about Mysterius The Unfathomable, and I’ll be horning in via the tele-phone. You’ll be able to listen online here. And why wait to hear Fowler dulcet tones? He just talked to Christopher Neseman over [...]

    Dispatch War Rocket Ajax- To Bring Back My Podcast

    I talked to Chris Sims and to some extent, The Euge, who gave me his cold over Skype. And it resulted in an episode of WAR ROCKET AJAX. Since it was Friday, at the end I completely go comatose and cannot even answer yes/no questions. Cool Modok me by Rusty “I have at least three [...]

    The Final MYSTERIUS

    Mysterius 6 is in stores today, the last we’ll see of Delfi and The Man for a while. It became obvious that most people who knew of this book planned to tradewait it early on, so it’s real life is going to happen in February (I know, I know) when the trade comes out. The [...]

    Double 5′s Today, MYSTERIUS and ATLAS

    Get ‘em both, 5 is lucky (somewhere)!

    Preview Mysterius 4

    Over at CBR you can follow our heroes into the trippiest issue yet.

    MYSTERIUS #4 in Stores Today!

    Here’s the issue where people will really become aware of what Tom Fowler can do, and the Mounties may come and lock him up afterwards. Pick it up and see, I hype you not. You can also read me talking a bit about it over at the newly relaunched Living Between Wednesdays, which is no [...]

    Best Order MYSTERIUS 6…

    Because you know it will take forever for it to be collected in trade! MYSTERIUS: THE UNFATHOMABLE #6 Written by Jeff Parker Art and cover by Tom Fowler While dying in the desert heat, what’s the perfect way to conclude this gathering of free spirits? A massive orgy followed by a mass sacrifice! What do [...]

    MYSTERIUS 3 In Stores Today!

    I am under, well below the weather. You know when it takes me all day to simply say “I have a book out,” that even my mighty antibodies have succumbed to the nationwide virus. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to pick up Mysterius 3 and meet the weird demons. Coff.

    Be Ready For MYSTERIUS 3

    Because it’s out this Wednesday! More peeks to come.

    Comixology Podcast with Tom and Jeff

    I meant to link this the other day, it’s Tom Fowler and I talking to Tucker Stone from the New York Comicon. I can’t believe you can actually understand what we’re saying, it was so loud around us in that building, but it’s pretty clear. I like this interview because Tucker asked us a lot [...]

    Order MYSTERIUS #5, I Say

    Written by Jeff Parker; Art and cover by Tom Fowler From all over North America, thousands make the pilgrimage to a hot, rocky desert to express themselves in every way imaginable for a week. They gather (somewhat naked) around a towering wooden man who will burn a hole in reality and make a human into [...]

    MYSTERIUS 2 Preview at Comixology

    Here’s a sequence from the current MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE from the fine folk at Comixology. Ar, now be the time to get on board. Yar, where me comps, DC.