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  • Archive for 'Music'

    Thank you Robert Sherman.

    Just saw from Mark Evanier that Robert Sherman of the legendary Sherman Brothers music team has died. Barely any days go by where one of the Disney songs they created, or music from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang isn’t played or sung around here. In fact, it’s been a morning ritual lately to play the Tiki [...]

    Open Mic

    What’s really been great for Allie is playing open mic night at the Spring Creek Coffee House, where she also improvises with a band. It complements her Suzuki lessons really well, and her brother gets lots of drawing done during the performance.

    Mould on Music

    While I’m still stalling on writing about Dave Stevens, here’s a good talk my pal Chuck Harrell at KTVU just did with one of my favorite musicians, Bob Mould. Mould always has interesting things to say about music and the industry, including the growing question of how bands are going to support themselves. And Chuck [...]

    That’s Going in my iPod.

    I don’t care if it does roast our book horribly, I have to give it to the Uncanny X-Cast for getting out their feelings on X-Men First Class in song. Standing O! It’s in the first fourth of the podcast. By the way guys, I know you’ve only read the miniseries, but please make sure [...]


    While trying to make my basement a bright, cheerful place, I’ve been painting everything in sight and throwing away everything else. But one of the most satisfying tasks was making two boxes of cd’s turn into one thick binder. It was hard at first, throwing away those jewel boxes- years of trying to protect them [...]