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    SPOILERS. Now that you’ve ignored that warning, I enjoyed Skyfall, last night at the Roseway Theatre. I was wary of Sam Mendes directing a Bond movie to be honest, but he did well. There’s only a section where it gets very Mendes-y for a while, in Fantasy Shanghai where the visuals get indulgent and you [...]


    In our local paper The Oregonian today, Shawn Levy polls some of the local comics folks for their takes on superhero movies. A lot of good thoughts on the subject, plus you get to see which comics movies we all hate. Portland’s comic book elite pick their most beloved (and bemoaned) comics movies

    Avengers = Whee

    Chris Samnee and I (and my family!) got to go to a screening yesterday of The Avengers thanks to the folks at I Like Comics in Vancouver, Washington. I don’t want to spoil anything, though really it’s all stuff you have to see in a summer action-fest like this, telling parts doesn’t really spoil anything. [...]

    WHITEOUT Trailer is up!

    Right on Lieber and Rucka, the movie ball is rolling forward full steam… WHITEOUT MOVIE TRAILER at Slashfilm. Okay, that got taken down. Here’s one at Youtube! It’s quite a day to be Steve Lieber. And no, we did not know this trailer was coming out today when we were planning to launch the UNDERGROUND [...]

    Happy V Day

    I think an excellent date idea this weekend would be to take your Significant One to see Coraline, maybe even in 3D. That’s what I hope to do. Of course, I’m also rooting for the film’s success to bolster Portland as a haven where animators can do their thing- here’s a recent Willamette Week article [...]

    Lay Off The Chimney Sweep, Guv’nor

    Scott Kurtz linked to this brief CNN interview with Dick Van Dyke in honor of the 45th anniversary of the Disney version of Mary Poppins. I’ve always been a big fan of DVD’s, and the Sherman Brothers score for the movie is in constant rotation in our house, especially if my son has anything to [...]

    Look Into The Crystal Skull

    Welcome back to the ongoing series of Reviews From Someone With Kids Who Rarely Sees Movies In The Same Year They Are Released or whatever I was calling this movie feature. I feel I don’t have to do any kind of SPOILER! warnings because everyone in every country has usually seen said films before me. [...]

    Bless That Blessed…

    “And it [the set] was full of dwarfs and all kinds of people. I love dwarfs. They’re the happiest people in the world. And I loved to chase them around the set and stuff like that. So the whole thing was colossal fun.” From the George Khoury piece on the 1980 Flash Gordon movie at [...]

    No Country For Old Men


    Parent Sees Another Movie!

    That’s right, I got to sneak out to the movin’ pictures and see another feature, and it was great. No time to review, but I assure you, I will purchase a copy of HOT FUZZ.

    Proceed to Checkout, Amazon Slave-Man

    Regular poster and comics news writer Zack just had to tip me off to that sweet deal on the Planet of the Apes Legacy Collection. And then while I’m logged into Amazon, I remember “hey, I never got Ed Wood on dvd.” Bam. Hey, we don’t have Peter Pan…Bam. Casino Royale! Bam. And The Third [...]

    Casino Royale Rules Hard

    This is part of my slowly ongoing series Movie Reviews By A Parent of Young Kids, which should imply that they’re all going to be long, long after the release date. In fact, to have seen Casino Royale this soon is actually ahead of the game for me these days. Fortunately, it kicked all grades [...]