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    Finally got a chance to blab it up again with John Siuntres on his much-celebrated Word Balloon podcast. We talk about a lot of things, but the focus is on the upcoming (really soon too) Batman 66. I can’t stand to hear my own voice, but John’s always sounds great and as usual he’s a [...]

    Robot Roulette

    And Day 2 of DICE is done, that was a great time. I’ll talk about it tomorrow, there’s pubbing to do now. But take a minute over at Robot 6 where JK Parkin has put me through the Robot Roulette question session for the week.

    The Tobin Talk.

    Paul Tobin conducted one of his Author to Author interviews with me, and I’m very happy with it. I think we talked about story making in a way we both really want to most of the time. I also love that I got the full Tobin treatment with the kinds of images he chooses to [...]

    Fort and Catboy

    I just had a lot of fun talking on the Cort and Fatboy podcast with them and David Walker, up above the Roseway Theatre here in Portland. We ran the gamut from Kombucha to Scripting. I can’t wait to go back and blab it up again! The Cort and Fatboy Show Guesting Me

    Hardman and I Tell You What’s What

    Josh Flanagan had Gabriel Hardman and I on iFanboy to talk about work process, and I really enjoyed it. I think anytime you put creators across from each other, especially ones who have worked together, you get interesting discussions on craft, and we’re both happy to talk about nuts and bolts of storytelling. As an [...]

    Chris Schweizer at Comics Reporter

    The very definition of comprehensive is this Tom Spurgeon talk with cartoonist Chris Schweizer, his latest Sunday Interview. Besides being the great hope of comics’ future, Chris is a teacher and that comes through. Set aside an hour and read it.

    New WORD BALLOON Podcast

    Hey, I’m talking to John Siuntres on Word Balloon again, about most things I’m involved with at the moment like Thunderbolts, Hulk, the Bucko Book, the Creepy story with Colleen Coover and the digital Batman story with Gabriel Hardman. It’s a typical jam-paced WB show, as John talks to Greg Ruck and Sal Abbinanti too. [...]

    Pod People

    I’m on a podcast tear for the next couple of weeks, and first up is me talking with Eric Ratcliffe over at The Outhousers. It was hard to get started with Eric’s dog demanding air time, but we did and covered some neat stuff, even talking about the short-lived EXILES series. Coming up I’m going [...]

    Michael Cho at Comics Reporter

    Here’s a fine Sunday morning gift, Tom Spurgeon talks to Michael Cho! Cho was supremely cool enough at Emerald City Con to give me a page from the X-Men First Class story we did together, and I still need to frame it (them, it’s in two sections). Go look and enjoy.

    Tonight! Book Club! Underground!

    Tonight at 6pm Western, Steve Lieber and I will be talking about how we made Underground, our deadly cave chase story. This is for the Creators Workshop at Comics Experience. Check in!

    Tomorrow Night: UNDERGROUND Book Club

    Steve Lieber and I, if we can figure out the meeting software, will be joining COMICS EXPERIENCE tomorrow night for their creators workshop focusing on our book, Underground. It’s a comics making school run by Andy Schmidt You may be able to listen live or call in or something, I’m not sure. I’ll know all [...]

    Coover at Multiversity

    There’s a good interview with Colleen Coover at Multiversity Comics today, and they have other talks worth reading too. This is a good time to remind anyone that Colleen and I worked together again on a story for CREEPY #8 from Dark Horse, and you can still order it if you let your retailer know [...]

    Dispatch War Rocket Ajax- To Bring Back My Podcast

    I talked to Chris Sims and to some extent, The Euge, who gave me his cold over Skype. And it resulted in an episode of WAR ROCKET AJAX. Since it was Friday, at the end I completely go comatose and cannot even answer yes/no questions. Cool Modok me by Rusty “I have at least three [...]

    AROUND COMICS hands Jeff Parker the mic.

    The lads at the AROUND COMICS podcast had me on because word is I can kill some time, so listen to this weeks show, Ep. 241 – Agents of the Unfathomable. Podking John Siuntres is also on this one, ready to correct anyone who drops a wrong fact. It’s a very good time, download it [...]

    A Very Jeff Parker Podcast at WORD BALLOON

    That’s right, host John Siuntres didn’t call his podcast show Speech Balloon or Speech Bubble, because that’s not what those are called. It’s Word Balloon, and this latest segment John and I talk about everything under the sun. And he must have had to edit an hour out, because I rambled off topic like crazy. [...]