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  • Archive for 'Food'

    Kirby Remembers Kirby

    Back in 1944, he explained, he had been pulled from combat with a dangerous case of frozen feet and frostbite and then sent to a hospital in Britain. English farmers would plow ancient coins up by the dozen and while they kept the gold ones they gave the lumpy lead coins to “the boys in [...]

    Karl Kesel, Mad Genius

    A good place to go on the comics internet now is my studiomate Karl Kesel’s madgeniuscomics.com. There you can read Karl and Tom Grummett’s SECTION ZERO as well as Karl teaming up with various great artists on Johnny Zombie. Karl is making the blog a very good time and sometimes even posts his recipes. That’s [...]

    Pineapple Juice.

    FINALLY. I have found a drink I can keep in the fridge that the rest of the family will leave alone but I can love. Thank you, Trader Joe’s Pineapple Juice. Of course, this means they will stop carrying it in two months, like everything else I get into.

    The Food Carts of Portland

    From the New York Times, no less- if you’ve noticed me babbling about getting lunch from the food carts across the street from Periscope Studio, you can see what I’m talking about in the first couple of minutes of this Frugal Traveler. And at the first cart they focus on with hamburgers, Brunch Box, you [...]

    Snow Ho Ho!

    This picture of my street is already dated and doesn’t show how much snow we really have now; you’d not see anything poking through today. The Cold Meiser was clearly victorious in his battles with the Heat Meiser, and Portland has snow like it hasn’t in 40 years. Longtime locals are shocked by it, but [...]

    My Favorite Canned Drink

    Boy, a whole week blew by and I said nothing, according to that little calendar way down the sidebar that gently indicates posts. I also don’t feel like talking about Ms. Goshdarnityoubetcha from last night’s debate, so I’ll go back to the food theme and mention one of my favorite beverages. Mainly because I fear [...]


    My lunch yesterday looked so good I had to take a picture of it. And flaunt it before my studiomates, whose lunches did not look as good. This was the cashew-mango rice dish with chicken from the Veli Thai cart across the street. Visitors to Periscope often make a face when we suggest going to [...]

    Eat That

    So you’re sitting there trying to figure out why Al “Grandpa” Lewis is looking sheepish on the deck of a pirate ship with a stoner crew who just stare down into the hold all day, and you’re hungry. But maybe you’re not a big fan of the gluten. Then I suggest Trader Joe’s Brown Rice [...]

    Currently Stuffing Face With…

    “Tagalongs.” It’s that time of year when those beret-wearing pushers show up with their chocolate, peanut butter and fat-filled drugs, and I always stock up on this one. Because I don’t have the fortitude to put a gun in their faces and scream “You leave my family alone!!!” Instead I get about three boxes and [...]