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  • Archive for 'Dark Avengers'

    Dark Wrap Up

    Over at Comic Book Resources Dave Richards and I talk about the finale of Dark Avengers and go some into the whole run from Thunderbolts to the finish. If you’re a commenter over there, throw in a memory!

    Dark Avengers Finale

    Here’s a preview of DA 190, the final installment of the antiheroes who stole the Thunderbolts book. Thanks everyone who kept reading after the change, hope you enjoy our big wrap up!

    Dark Avengers 188 This Week

    Neil and I have a new Dark Avengers for you this week where we get to know the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen better. This Wednesday. Preview at Comic Book Resources

    Dark Avengers…!

    First, here’s a preview of next week’s DARK AVENGERS #187 at CBR. And now- Many of you have been pinging me on Twitter about the solicit for DA 190 that says it’s the final issue. Because IT IS! It’s no surprise to me, at the time books were being budgeted, this was approved through 190, [...]

    Lord Demonpimp in Today’s DARK AVENGERS

    Preview today’s Dark Avengers 186, and then go buy that. It’s getting weirder.

    A Corrupt World

    But an entertaining one, I hope. Dave Richards and I talk about what’s coming up in Dark Avengers and show some exclusive art by the mighty Neil Edwards. INTERVIEW AT COMIC BOOK RESOURCES

    Dark Avenge Today! 185 in Shops

    The other DA have similar questions to Karla Sophen’s as they discover more about this weird world they’re in. Be forced to watch Dr. Strange get strange, today! Preview of DA 185 at CBR

    The Day of Twelves: Dark Avengers 184

    Now we get into the new weirdness with the Dark Avengers, in comics shops today. Some think Man-Thing threw them into another dimension, but I will only say- no, they’re right here in the regular Marvel world. But yes, something is up. Anyway, you will see Dr. Strange get his freak on, so sit back [...]

    Farewell Thunderbolts!

    This is it! This is where The Thunderbolts sail off into the sunset. Thanks everyone for supporting the “Underbolts” and I hope you’ll all stay on going forward with the people the book is actually named for now. Moonstone of course, would not be denied, and is switching allegiances because she can’t stand to not [...]

    Dark Avengebolts Out Today

    With the return of the THUNDERBOLTS and THE JUGGERNAUT!!! Let nothing stop you from charging into the comics shop today.

    Preview Dark Avengers 182

    Next week it’s the penultimate Thunderbolts story for Dark Avengers! Preview over at Comic Book Resources. And if you’re heading to the New York Comicon, have a great time, but not with me because I’m not there.

    DA 181 Out Today!

    Here’s the preview for “BOSS LEVEL” over at CBR. Read it, and stop by the store on the way home and get the whole thing. The harsh level is rising.

    Pick Up DA 180 Today

    Because it’s getting very hairy in the present day and Boss Cage’s future. Dark Avengers 180, in stores (in the US) today!

    More Darkness Next Week

    • The Dark Avengers’ operation sets off what will become known as THE CATACLYSM • Songbird finds out a deadly secret conspiracy to destroy The Dark Avengers, Luke Cage and the Thunderbolts – Forever! • Neil Edwards (SPIDER-MAN: SEASON ONE) joins Jeff Parker for the defining chapter in the Dark Avengers legacy!! The Neil Edwards [...]

    Dark Avenging Begins

    Some interviews surfacing around the Fan Expo this weekend about the direction in DARK AVENGERS, which will become about… the Dark Avengers! BOLD. Mtv Geek Interview Comic Book Resources article Newsarama Interview