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  • Archive for 'Conventions'

    Stumptown Saturday Is Here

    The Stumptown Comics Fest of Portland is happening this weekend at the Oregon Convention Center, with lots of fancy guests from out of town, so if you’re in the area, it’s a great use of your time. I’ll be signing at the Periscope Studio set up from 2 to 4 today, and I’ll have some [...]

    Wondercon Schedule

    I’m sitting in Artist Alley AA-48 at a corner table, easy to find so come by and say hi. I’m sitting in on a couple of panels too… Mainstream Monsters: Making the Bad Guy the Good Guy Saturday, March 30 1:00-2:00 Room 300AB This panel will include Brent Anderson, Amanda Conner, Jane Espenson, Jimmy Palmiotti, [...]

    The Only Con Report You Need

    Is by CBR’s Greg Burgas, who is very thorough about his time at Seattle’s Emerald City show. Greg had a rad beard that gave him convention energy, and he took a lot of pictures, give a few minutes over to his journal.

    Emerald City Friday Unlocked

    Wow are there a lot of people at Emerald City Comicon. I had a great Friday despite being frazzled from waking up every hour the night before thinking it was time to go to Jonathan Case’s house and begin the drive. There are TWO halls this year, so it’s now easily the biggest show right [...]

    DICE Day 1

    Had a fantastic first day at the Dublin International Comics Expo. Incredibly sweet people attended today, and I enjoyed meeting many of my readers. Did a couple of panels, one about writing with a murderer’s row of comics writers, then talked to another group about charging ahead with your independent comics with John Layman and [...]


    I haven’t been in this timezone in so long I forgot how confusing it is at first, coming from the west coast of the US. Got to walk around and see the town a bit and do the Guiness factory tour. Of course, it’s not the real place the stout is made, that’s across the [...]


    As you’ve watched me learn in public, I will be at the Stumptown Comics Fest at the Convention Center in Portland today! Mostly in the late afternoon- I’m signing at the Dark Horse booth for the BUCKO book at 2:30 and then talking about it on a panel at 5. There are a lot of [...]

    Stumptown Comics Fest This Weekend

    Portland Oregon’s shining jewel The Stumptown Comics Fest is happening this Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re driving distance, hit it. A plethora of great guests and panels. I won’t be set up myself, I like to just attend the show most of the time, it’s always full of awesome as they used to say [...]

    Emerald City Schedule!!

    I’m in Seattle, and the doors will open at 2 this afternoon for the Emerald City Comicon. The main things you need to know are: My table is at F-21. Tom Fowler is next to me, painting away. I will have books to sell and will draw commissions if you can sign up early. When [...]

    Step 3: Put Books and Art in a Suitcase

    Also: put clothes and toothbrush and whatnots in a bag. Make sure no bag weighs over 50 pounds, which is also an Amtrak rule. Possibly find some classy cover for my table. Borrow wife’s earplugs because I’m rooming with Snorin’ Tom Fowler. Arrive at train station on time, have cab fare for reaching hotel. Look [...]

    Emerald City Approacheth

    All this week is likely to be me reminding myself to get ready for the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, so sorry for subjecting you to my laundry list in advance. Or that I need to be at the train station Thursday. In recent years, I’ve gotten away from doing many commissions, but now that [...]

    Emerald City Approaches!

    That Seattle Comicon will be here in just a few weekends. I’ll post something with my schedule (just doing a Marvel panel as far as I know) but I am fairly sure I’m seated at F-21, between Chris Samnee and Tom Fowler. Despite that intimidation factor, I will do some commission art pieces, so sign [...]

    So I Went To HEROESCON

    Okay, I never do this anymore, but HeroesCon 2010 was the deal, so I need to write some of it down before I forget it all. Another triumph for retailer Shelton Drum! I began the way I would end, incoherent, because I wisely chose to take a midnight flight across country. So if I seemed [...]

    I’m Back from Florida, We Have a Winner

    First I want to thank my gracious host while I was in Orlando, Casey Jones and his superfamily. I got plenty of sleep, entertainment and Chik-Fil-A (except on Sunday) during my Florida trip this weekend. Carolla podcasts got listened to, and Flight of the Conchords songs were played. It was good times all around. And [...]

    Pat Sun’s Proof that HeroesCon 09 Happened

    I wasn’t there, but Pat Sun was at Heroes, and if you were there, odds are good you’re in his Flickr photo sets. You can see the pieces that were being done for the famous Heroes auction, lots of costumes (like Scarlet Witch, who was well-documented in almost everyone’s photos) and some good shots of [...]