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  • Archive for 'Comics'

    Adventures of SUPERMAN!

    It’s here! “Violent Minds,” the story launching the new ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN digital-first feature by me and Chris Samnee, in gorgeous color by Matt Wilson. And lettered by Wes Abbott, who will also be handling Batman 66 this summer. We had a blast with this and hopefully we’ll get to do more super adventures soon. [...]

    Emerald City Schedule: Table K-03

    One more day until EMERALD CITY COMICON and I’m almost ready. I will have many, many trades paperbacks and books of all kinds, so come free them. Much of my Marvel work, Interman, Underground, Mysterius, Bucko, and conceivably more. I’ll also be DRAWING. So if you want a commission from me, try to get by [...]

    Hulks and Witches, In Stores Now

    Red She-Hulk is out slammin’ today, though I couldn’t find a preview of it or many Marvel comics this week online. I assume Holidays stuff. Anyway, go get it and see what vehicles Machine Man jacks next. There IS a preview of the latest WILLOW: Wonderland though, so you can read that and pick that [...]

    Red Vengeance!

    This weekend take a look at Artist Alley comics, another webcomics imprint with some very cool titles. I’ve been excited for Chris Kemple’s RED VENGEANCE to start rolling like this and just bought the first issue. It’s excellent!


    If you’re looking for something new and cool to read on your digital device, I suggest WANDER by Kevin Church and Grace Allison. Russ Burlingame interviews Church about the feature and how it came to be with Monkeybrain Comics. I also liked that Kevin referred to David Hahn’s Private Beach in the piece. Here’s the [...]


    In our local paper The Oregonian today, Shawn Levy polls some of the local comics folks for their takes on superhero movies. A lot of good thoughts on the subject, plus you get to see which comics movies we all hate. Portland’s comic book elite pick their most beloved (and bemoaned) comics movies

    Bandette! Monkeybrain Comics!

    The arrival of Chris Roberson and Allison Baker’s MONKEYBRAIN digital comics house is upon us, with a host of terrific creators- read about it over at CBR! This is from one I’ve been lucky to watch come together in front of my desk, Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette. Lots of previews at the link.

    Burma! Tobin!

    Nothing I post today is going to top Paul Tobin’s tribute to Burma of Terry and the Pirates, so I’m just sending you there. He hits all the things I love about that character, and there’s loads of beautiful art. Really, go read it.

    Stumptown Comics Fest This Weekend

    Portland Oregon’s shining jewel The Stumptown Comics Fest is happening this Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re driving distance, hit it. A plethora of great guests and panels. I won’t be set up myself, I like to just attend the show most of the time, it’s always full of awesome as they used to say [...]

    Learn, swine!

    In exchange for all the swell free work our interns do for us at Periscope Studio, one of our duties is giving demos and lectures on comics making, in subjects we like to hold forth about. Today Colleen Coover walked them through using the Manga Studio program, which quickly drew the interest of our members [...]

    Willow #1 Coming For You

    That’s right, Dark Horse is doing a WILLOW (Rosenberg) miniseries with its Buffy Season 9, and I’m writing it, Brian Ching is drawing it. I say a little more at the Entertainment Weekly article and you can see the full David Mack cover. And of course, I’m happy because supernatural material!

    Kirby Remembers Kirby

    Back in 1944, he explained, he had been pulled from combat with a dangerous case of frozen feet and frostbite and then sent to a hospital in Britain. English farmers would plow ancient coins up by the dozen and while they kept the gold ones they gave the lumpy lead coins to “the boys in [...]

    Roger Langridge Speaks

    An interview with one of the best cartoonists working today, Roger Langridge, is up at Thwp.net! Lots of very Roger-esque observations within, and hopefully you will seek out his book Snarked! shown above. I’m looking forward to his upcoming Popeye stories as well.

    Valiant Returns

    Obadiah Archer is the greatest martial artist in the Valiant Universe and an 18-year-old guy raised by The Sect, an extremely powerful conspiracy that secretly runs the world. Armstrong is the man Archer’s sent after to kill in God’s name to stop the end of the world, and he happens to be a hard-drinking, 10,000-year-old [...]

    And Julian Tedesco INKS

    Click to Go Big or go home. If you want to compare those pencil pages posted yesterday to what he ended up with after inks, here’s all but page 11, which I couldn’t find. So I’m including page 12, which has Red Hulk on it. And apparently he doesn’t work with inks much, which is [...]