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  • Archive for 'cartoons'


    Never forget how good Ben Dewey’s Tragedy Series is, ever.

    Nourigat’s Guide to Ghibli

    Another of my rockstar Periscope studiomates did something great. This is a feature by Natalie Nourigat for the Portland Mercury, a guide to Studio Ghibli films. It’s terrific, note it up if you have a Tumblr.

    Burma! Tobin!

    Nothing I post today is going to top Paul Tobin’s tribute to Burma of Terry and the Pirates, so I’m just sending you there. He hits all the things I love about that character, and there’s loads of beautiful art. Really, go read it.

    Karl Kesel, Mad Genius

    A good place to go on the comics internet now is my studiomate Karl Kesel’s madgeniuscomics.com. There you can read Karl and Tom Grummett’s SECTION ZERO as well as Karl teaming up with various great artists on Johnny Zombie. Karl is making the blog a very good time and sometimes even posts his recipes. That’s [...]

    Great Minds, Thinking Alike

    Recently Evan Shaner got carried across the mosh-pit of the internet for his cool Charles Schulz’ Watchmen piece, seen here. Which was particularly neat to me because I did a version of the gag when I was in college, goofing around at the Student Center with friends Micah Harris and Tom Gurganus. We assigned who [...]


    My head just exploded, Chris Onstad just spoofed Chris Ware in Achewood! Pretty sweet.

    Storyboard Tips

    Let’s take some time to answer viewer mail. This recent exchange is a good one because it covers some things about storyboarding that I get asked from time to time. There’s not a lot of useful information on the craft, which I assume because it’s so specialized and also storyboard artists don’t want the competition. [...]

    Toth Boards!

    Hey, look over at AnimationArchive.org, they have a nice long piece on Alex Toth with designs. Like this one.

    You Get No Explanation.

    Bah. I received no super-dope science links. Ergo, you get this and are left to conjecture.

    The Nabakov One’s The Best.

    Via BOING BOING via COOP I just read this Drew Friedman piece from the New York Observer, Guilty Pleasures of Literary Greats. Pretty tame stuff by Friedman standards, but it’s written with someone else. I’ve been meaning to do a post on Friedman at some point, but it will put me in the awkward position [...]