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  • Archive for 'Cars'


    I meant to take a pic right when my little Isuzu pickup truck hit 200,000 miles and forgot, but here it is 18 miles later. I never realized I would have this vehicle so long, but Isuzu made solid little trucks- it’s the same engine and transmission too. It’s slowly rambled all over the United [...]


    I didn’t follow up on the work I was doing this weekend because Colleen Coover busted out that Freddie Mercury/ Wolverine page. I did apply the Herculiner to the back half of the jeep. It looks pretty good so I’ll proceed to do the rest on the next sunny day we get.

    Jeep Work Saturday

    Today was warm and sunny, like nature saw people packing to move away and said “okay, fine. Here’s your nice weather.” I was able to get back to fixing my Jeep Grand Cherokee that is slowly being returned to form. I first put my headliner back in, after taking it out- the fabric was coming [...]

    The Jeep J12

    I was going on last night on Twitter about this- I often rail on American cars and how we do nothing interesting anymore in design or engineering. But this Jeep J-12 concept truck is seriously boss, with all those callbacks to classic models. Not that I need a truck, I still have my little Isuzu- [...]

    Bikes Vs. Cars

    It’s not a real rivalry, but our local media in Portland enjoy portraying it as one because it gets people fired up. Us/Them stories bring in the viewers and readers, I guess. I like The Oregonian, but they play into it too, like in this article, which makes it appear that roads aren’t getting fixed [...]

    Pine Power

    For those who wanted closure on Stephen’s first Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, he did really well. After years of me railing on dads who do the cars for their kids, I… kind of became the monster. But I tried not to! Stephen asked me how I would cut the car, and I picked the easiest [...]