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    Bucko at BRIDGE CITY Tonight!

    The roll out of us signing Bucko and explaining ourselves continues tonight at Bridge City Comics! WHAT:Bucko HC Release Party with Jeff Parker and Erika Moen! WHEN: Friday, October 5 at 6pm WHERE: 3725 N. Mississippi Ave. We’ll be there until 9 so come out if you’re in town, owner Michael Ring puts on a [...]

    Tonight! Bucko at Powell’s on Hawthorne!

    At 7:30, Erika Moen and I will be reading from our Dark Horse book BUCKO at the Powell’s on Hawthorne- not Giant Powell’s downtown, but less giant Powell’s on the East Side. Come out, get a book and make us draw in it!

    Proof: Bucko in Hardcover

    That and other pictures confirming the existence of the Bucko HARDCOVER from Dark Horse, created by me and Erika Moen, are over in this post at Erika’s site. And here’s another early review of the HARDCOVER BUCKO From Go Suck A Comic. If you happen to take pictures of people enjoying the book in the [...]


    As Erika Moen likes to say, the Bucko book from Dark Horse DROPS today! There are already reviews surfacing online, like here and over here. The book has shipped way early, no doubt thanks to editor Brendan Wright browbeating me and Erika to get all our stuff in months and months ago. Dark Horse did [...]

    Early BUCKO!

    Through some weird time warp, the BUCKO book from Dark Horse is going to ship NEXT WEEK. Which is more than on time, it’s way ahead. Perhaps because editor Brendan Wright was so on our case to get the extra material in? Erika Moen and I talk to David Brothers for Comics Alliance about the [...]

    Vote BUCKO. ORDER Bucko!

    If you enjoyed or suspect you will enjoy BUCKO, the webcomic by me and Erika Moen, then today is the day to bring it, as Erika would say. This week is the final entry for The Harvey Awards, where we’ve been nominated in the webcomics category. Also there’s still time to tell your local comics [...]

    Bucko in The Harveys!

    BEST ONLINE COMICS WORK ____ BATTLEPUG, Mike Norton, battlepug.com ____ BUCKO, Erika Moen and Jeff Parker, buckocomic.com ____ DELILAH DIRK AND THE TURKISH LIEUTENANT, Tony Cliff, delilahdirk.com ____ GRONK, Katie Cook, gronkcomic.com ____ HARK! A VAGRANT, Kate Beaton, harkavagrant.com Look at that tough line-up. How are we supposed to emerge victorious against all that? WITH [...]


    Bucko HC Writer:Jeff Parker Artist:Erika Moen After discovering a dead body in an office bathroom, hungover job interviewee Rich “Bucko” Richardson becomes suspected of the murder. What he thinks is a quest to find the real killer turns into a weeklong romp through the wilds of Portland, Oregon, complete with bike-mounted cover bands, steampunk Makers, [...]

    I Was Wrong- I AM at Stumptown Comics Fest

    That’s what I get for saying things. I will actually be appearing twice this Saturday at the Stumptown show, once signing with Erika Moen at the Dark Horse booth at 2:30, and then on the Redefining Genre Dark Horse Panel at 5pm in room B114. Both are about the upcoming BUCKO book, as pertains to [...]

    Back From Seattle, Hulk 50 Preview

    Emerald City Comicon 2012 was a big success like every Seattle show so far, well done, Jim Demonakis. I sat between Tom Fowler and Gabriel Hardman and was in spitting range of Kevin Nowlan (sorry Kevin). Every day was busy and Saturday and Sunday felt like a quiet San Diego Comicon as the ECCC folks [...]

    Book Announcement Today

    The BUCKO Exit Interview

    At Comics Alliance, Erika and I talk to Lauren Davis about how we approached Bucko and everything under the sun. And that there is a book a-comin’. COMICS ALLIANCE DISCUSSION

    The FINAL Bucko…?

    OR IS IT! If you haven’t been reading Bucko, the webcomic Erika Moen and I do, you can start at the beginning and go all the way to the finish now! Thanks to Erika’s fearlessness and willingness to go as far as possible for a joke, I’ve been able to do stories and scenes that [...]

    Burning BUCKO and CREEPY Coover

    I hate to say it, but things really heat up in today’s BUCKO! BUCKO 96 Tomorrow I’ll remind you about my CREEPY story coming up. But you can go right now to Colleen Coover’s website and see a sample of how she works. Look how close her layout and final are! CREEPY COLLEEN COOVER

    The Home Stretch

    Erika Moen and I are nearing the end of the year+ long story of BUCKO. If you haven’t read it yet, go start at the beginning and catch up on the whole thing on a day when you’re home with a cold, like most people do. You’ll be like me finally watching Breaking Bad all [...]