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  • Archive for 'Books'

    Canadian Comics, Kids

    Lots of worthy projects to be funded, but this one has many great cartoonists and my partner in Mysterius crime Tom Fowler. It’s TRUE PATRIOT over at Indie GoGo and you get a lot for it. Also it will pay the creators, which is what I believe these things need to be doing. Take a [...]

    Prepare To Die!

    I’ve just finished reading Paul Tobin’s debut novel, Prepare To Die! from Night Shade Books. I went to Paul’s signing for the book at Powell’s two weeks ago and enjoyed his reading. Often when I buy books, even from friends (maybe, especially from friends) I don’t get around to reading them for months and sometimes [...]

    Goodbye Maurice Sendak

    Just read that Maurice Sendak has died. We’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment from his books at this house, particularly the Little Bear books. Everyone goes to Where The Wild Things Are as the touchstone for Sendak, but as a kid mine was In The Night Kitchen. I loved the Winsor McKay inspired imagery and [...]

    Read RESET by Peter Bagge

    Because it’s really good. I was on the Dark Horse panel Saturday with Erika Moen, Jonathan Case and Peter Bagge, and some extra copies were on the table of RESET #1. I know what to do when a free comic is within grasp. Later I read it and really got into the story- Bagge is [...]

    Tomorrow Night: UNDERGROUND Book Club

    Steve Lieber and I, if we can figure out the meeting software, will be joining COMICS EXPERIENCE tomorrow night for their creators workshop focusing on our book, Underground. It’s a comics making school run by Andy Schmidt You may be able to listen live or call in or something, I’m not sure. I’ll know all [...]

    The Witches

    Last night the kids and I finished The Witches in this Roald Dahl jag we’ve been on. I like that the boy (spoilers!) stays a mouse after they turn him into one, and he and his cigar-smoking Norwegian grandmother become this formidable witch-killing team. This one clearly draws on Dahl’s childhood heavily. Now my Dahl-ites [...]

    Take. Books. Home. Today.

    AND ART. Sorry, just reminding myself to pack trades and pages to sell at EMERALD CITY COMICON which is in two days. TWO DAYS. I’m sitting… somewhere in there. Tomorrow I’ll post my table and panel info. AFTER I TAKE HOME SOME BOOKS.

    Read Me Some Hunger Games

    Now I have read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games like the rest of the world. I liked it! I can tell I would have been completely into it as a young teen and am happy that it’s filling a role as the Anti-Twilight. My daughter kept trying to spirit it away and read it herself and [...]

    Bogtrotter Victorious

    We finished Matilda last night. It’s excellent, maybe now one of my favorite Roald Dahl books and has some of the funniest illustrations I’ve ever seen from Quentin Blake. All the images of Miss Trunchbull are worthy of prints, but my favorite piece is that of Bruce Bogtrotter when he’s (spoilers!) successfully eaten the giant [...]

    Douglas Adams Day

    Today would have been Douglas Adams’ birthday, should have if he had proceeded beyond 2001. He probably wouldn’t have gotten more than one or two books out since then, but I promise you they’d be on my shelf. He’s one of the people unrelated to me that I still haven’t gotten used to being gone, [...]


    Last night while eating at a new burger place we found while driving, the Glisan Burger Barn (it’s good, go there if you’re in Northeast Portland some time) I made what felt like some breakthroughs in my sketchbook, designing characters for a children’s book I’m working on. I’m using my kids as test subjects, showing [...]

    Goal Setting.

    Almost finished reading Cressida Cowell’s How To Train Your Dragon books with my kids, and now my self-imposed deadline is coming up fast. After some ideas for a children’s novel finally started coming to me recently, I boasted that I would soon begin reading them a rough draft of this yet-to-be book. As they love [...]

    Ship’s Cook Ginger

    Stopping at the Belmont Library instead of our usual, the Hollywood, I was hoping to find the second How To Train Your Dragon book, but they didn’t have it. But I was happy to find one of the Edward Ardizzone TIM books that we hadn’t read yet. If you haven’t read them, and I can [...]

    Barnes and Noble, August 11th, Get There

    If you want to see me, Brian Bendis, Rick Remender, and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN! Here’s the details… And maybe you’re near one of these… NYC SPECIAL GUESTS IRON MAN AND SPIDER-MAN 150 E 86TH Street New York, NY Joe Quesada Chris Claremont Greg Pak Klaus Janson Fred Van Lente ATLANTA SPECIAL GUEST WOLVERINE 2900 Peachtree Road [...]

    Alex Toth DoodleBook STILL IN PRINT

      So lately I’ve been alerted to the fact that people are eBaying DEAR JOHN: THE ALEX TOTH DOODLEBOOK by Octopus Press (which is me) for crazy sums, when in fact the book is not out of print. I recently tried to Offer Again that and THE INTERMAN through Diamond, but based on the last time [...]