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  • Archive for 'Bikes'

    Yes We Motobecane

    Drove out to Ridgefield, Washington yesterday morning where an old bicycle swap meet was happening at a cool place called The Iron Ranch. It was mostly old Schwinns and a lot of Whizzers, so I didn’t find an old Raleigh 20 Folding bike like I hoped, but then I did bumble across this cool Motobecane [...]

    Storage Accomplished

    I finally found a container just right for mounting on my bike rack that can keep out rain. Over at Andy and Bax, the military surplus/camping etc. store, they now have in some cases of varying widths and heights, and with three steel 3/8ths conduit flex straps bolted onto it, I have it solidly attached. [...]

    Bikes Vs. Cars

    It’s not a real rivalry, but our local media in Portland enjoy portraying it as one because it gets people fired up. Us/Them stories bring in the viewers and readers, I guess. I like The Oregonian, but they play into it too, like in this article, which makes it appear that roads aren’t getting fixed [...]