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  • Archive for 'Automotive'

    Or Will It?

    Okay, that engine isn’t going to pull itself out. Time to go drain some fluids and disconnect some things. Yes, this is that in-laws station wagon I posted with the broken timing belt months ago. I’ve decided FULL ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION TRANSPLANT is the way to go. If it works, I’ll put up process pictures. [...]

    Car Talk

    I’ve dreaded this day for years, but every time I did the math I would get shocked- how have they been on this long? Tommy must be like 90 now! Tom and Ray Magliozzi are retiring from recording Car Talk, my favorite radio show ever on NPR. In September, but they, like The Puzzler take [...]

    Shiny New Rotors

    Look, no one cares about scripts being available for download, what people want is pictures of car maintenance. And I need a break from reading through my old scripts for a few days. After I sent off a new script just this morning, I then did what I often do which is go deal with [...]