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  • Archive for 'Art'

    Declan Drawing

    Here’s a good talk with incredible comics artist Declan Shalvey over at Comic Book Resources. I love these cover roughs of his, any of them is good enough to make a great finished cover.

    Hamm on Toth

    My artbro Jesse Hamm gives another one of his incredible essays on comics art and art in general, today on Alex Toth who is of course, one of my all-time favorites. Jesse does a great job explaining basics and visual theory, if you draw, take a few minutes and read. And if you didn’t pick [...]

    The Process of Dodson

    A lot of you like seeing works in process, I think you’ll enjoy this breakdown of a page Terry Dodson did for the Bande Dessinee he’s working on, Songes.

    Welcome Neil Edwards!

    I mentioned on some podcast (Pat Loika’s? Multiversity? I can’t remember) that Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey were moving on (sniff) to handle other work Marvel has asked of them, but Dark Avengers readers needn’t worry. We’ve landed the amazing and impressive talent of Neil Edwards on the book, and he is KILLING! Also he’s [...]

    Wallace Squad

    Go look at these cool Suicide Squad cover commissions that Loston Wallace has been drawing. Loston does excellent work and prefers to be paid handsomely, so you should get in touch if you have something really cool that needs to be drawn.

    The Abominable Hardman

    I used to enjoy the CBS Late Movie’s tendency to show The Abominable Dr. Phibes when I was a kid, and Gabriel Hardman did a really cool drawing of Phibes. The perfect Vincent Price role.


    Never forget how good Ben Dewey’s Tragedy Series is, ever.

    Learn to Color the Val Staples Way!

    Next week is the beginning of MAYAN RULE the new story in HULK 53 welcoming artist Dale Eaglesham and colorist Val Staples, who I worked with a lot back on X-Men First Class. And before that, Val is going to do a live tutorial finishing up a page so you can see how he works! [...]

    Ridley Scott on Storyboards

    Actually I should post a link to this video that I saw courtesy of cartoonist Ben Towle earlier, courtesy other people still. It’s Ridley Scott talking about how he uses storyboards in making his films. And waving a cigar around. Lots of you seem storyboard-curious, so you might like this.

    Neat Simonson Find

    I love seeing comics creators turn up on old letter pages, and this one is even better because there’s art. Allan Harvey puts up this letters page from Magnus: Robot Fighter over at his Gorilla Daze site, featuring young Walt Simonson writing in with a robot design. And even better it’s a good design, but [...]

    Shalvey Thumbnails for Thunderbolts 172

    While we’re looking at process stuff, I thought you’d like to see how Declan Shalvey lays out a comic book. He always figures the whole thing out in two batches of thumbnails and it lets me read a tiny, rough version of the whole book. This is why his compositions are so strong- when you [...]

    Mr. Lao Commission from ECCC

    I got lucky and everyone in Seattle who asked for commissioned art requested really cool subjects. Like this one of Mr. Lao from Agents of Atlas, for Brian Keohan. I threw in loyal Chang for scale. You can see some great Atlas pieces in Brian’s collection over at the comicartfans site, like this Bob and [...]

    The Great Moebius Is Gone

    Looking for a piece of art to represent Jean Giraud is a thankless task- there’s so much unbelievably great work he made in his life. When anyone challenges the worth of comics as an art, you can always bash them with Moebius. I think I’ll watch this BBC documentary my friend James Sime just linked [...]

    Soap Gods

    Today I found a couple of enormous bars of soap I bought years ago at a garage sale, and felt the kids could use knives to carve without maiming themselves. Allie made this cool animal head.

    HULK 49 Next Week: ETERNALS

    Red Hulk has gone and gotten himself on the wrong side of THE ETERNALS in next week’s HULK #49, and there’s a preview of it over at Comic Book Resources. Art by Elena Casagrande! Speaking of art, there’s a few hours left on that Vampirella page, which is still looking to go for much, much [...]