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    Rose City Comic-Con, Saturday and Sunday!

    I’ll be sitting at some table, I imagine (I do know I’m between my collaborators Jonathan Case and Erika Moen), and I’ll be doing a fair amount of panels. Like so: SATURDAY IT HELPS BUILD CHARACTER Room: Panel 3 Start: 11:00AM End: 12:00PM Are you a writer struggling to find your voice? Are you looking [...]

    Emerald City Friday Unlocked

    Wow are there a lot of people at Emerald City Comicon. I had a great Friday despite being frazzled from waking up every hour the night before thinking it was time to go to Jonathan Case’s house and begin the drive. There are TWO halls this year, so it’s now easily the biggest show right [...]

    Emerald City Schedule: Table K-03

    One more day until EMERALD CITY COMICON and I’m almost ready. I will have many, many trades paperbacks and books of all kinds, so come free them. Much of my Marvel work, Interman, Underground, Mysterius, Bucko, and conceivably more. I’ll also be DRAWING. So if you want a commission from me, try to get by [...]

    Saturday in Seattle

    If you want to see me and Erika Moen between 1 and 4 in the afternoon and live in the Seattle area, we’ll be signing at The Comics Dungeon! Here’s the Facebook Event page with more details. Hope to see you.

    Comics Underground TONIGHT

    If you’re in Portland/Vancouver surrounding area, get on down to the Jack London Bar tonight for COMICS UNDERGROUND. It’s going to be a hairy time!

    Comics Underground- Thursday Night

    Thursday night at the Jack London Bar in Portland (529 SW 4th) is the latest Comics Underground, where Ben Dewey and I will be reading our story from the Planet of the Apes Annual! This will be my first time back since the first event, where Erika Moen and I read from Bucko. Coincidentally, Erika [...]

    Dublin Bound!

    I’m off to IRELAND this weekend to appear at the Dublin International Comics Expo! If you’re in the area, I hope to see you! Gosh darn I have a long layover in Atlanta though.

    Live! Tonight!

    Hey, I’m on the WHERE MONSTERS DWELL podcast and LIVE radio show tonight at 9pm EST! If you need to fall asleep, tune in and I’ll say soporifics!

    Free Comic Book Day-Portland

    Saturday May 5th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and this year I’ll be in my home town signing at the Hollywood Thing From Another World from Noon to 2pm. Also happily signing books will be my studiomates: * Jonathan Case * Terry and Rachel Dodson * Steve Lieber And I believe you’ll be able to [...]

    Emerald City Approaches!

    That Seattle Comicon will be here in just a few weekends. I’ll post something with my schedule (just doing a Marvel panel as far as I know) but I am fairly sure I’m seated at F-21, between Chris Samnee and Tom Fowler. Despite that intimidation factor, I will do some commission art pieces, so sign [...]

    Borders Signing in Tigard, Dec. 1st

    …Which is this Wednesday evening. If you’re in the greater Portland Metro area, come out and see us. Perhaps Lady Gaga or Stevie Nicks will stop by! I may even give away some comic books. JP PORTLAND COMIC CREATORS ALLY WITH BORDERS ON WORLD AIDS DAY Special Tigard Store Appearance and Q&A Benefits Lifebeat – [...]


    YES! This weekend I’m able to return to the fabled and legendary HEROES CON in Charlotte, North Carolina! If you are at all within driving distance, you should go, you will not regret it. I’m sitting in Artist Alley 409 on the corner, conveniently by almost every artist I’ve worked with in the past year! [...]

    Free Comic Book Day in Greensboro NC!

    Yes, I am briefly in my home state for the weekend and will be at ACME COMICS in Greensboro all day for Free Comic Book Day with the impressive line up of, in no particular order: Chris Samnee! Christos Gage! Jonathan Hickman! Chris Giarrusso! Evan Shaner! Kelly Yates! Jeremy Dale! Chris Fason! Michael Watkins! and [...]

    Tonight on Ghost Whisperer…

    … a lot of covers from UNDERGROUND and plenty of Gabriel Hardman art! Have fun spotting the differences between making comics and how TV depicts it. You can catch some of the footage through the link at Newsarama. Tune in tonight…


    Anyone heading to Seattle for the EMERALD CITY COMICON? Because it’s pretty great. I’ll be there sitting at F-04 most of the time except for these signings and panels: SATURDAY 12:00 MONDO MARVEL PANEL Room 4C3-4 2:30- 4:00 HERO INITIATIVE BOOTH SUNDAY 1:00 BREAKING INTO COMICS THE MARVEL WAY Panel Room A (4C1-2) I’ll be [...]