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  • Archive for 'Agents of Atlas'

    Mr. Lao Commission from ECCC

    I got lucky and everyone in Seattle who asked for commissioned art requested really cool subjects. Like this one of Mr. Lao from Agents of Atlas, for Brian Keohan. I threw in loyal Chang for scale. You can see some great Atlas pieces in Brian’s collection over at the comicartfans site, like this Bob and [...]

    Atlas Scripts Up In There

    Well, just two, but I’m starting on that section now. I should be putting a few Agents of Atlas scripts up in the new SCRIPTS resource page this week, and I’m beginning with a couple from the solo series, Gorilla-Man and The Uranian. That’s two separate minis, not a wacky buddy-cop show. I’m sure I [...]


    The end of their book as you know it! I may add to this later today with some looks back.

    ATLAS Final Letter Column!

    If you have any short statements about Agents of Atlas for issue 5, leave them here and I may be able to get them in the last issue. Yes, I know it’s a little late to start a letter column, but hey.


    Today is when it all blows up- do not miss these issues! You’ll want to read Avengers Academy first for the crossover, Thunderbolters. And Atlas fans, don’t get hysterical in the comments, I don’t want to have to bring you water and a paper bag to breathe into.

    Double Dose- Atlas 3! Thunderbolts 146!

    Things start heating up in both books, so bundle ‘em.


    And you can go pick it up TODAY.

    A Gorilla Arrives, a Book Goes.

    Today I spoke to Chris Sims at Comics Alliance about the new GORILLA-MAN #1 and… the news about ATLAS #5. Go read it. And here’s the Modest Mouse mood song that has too many swears for CA to link to. I just want to thank all of you who have been following us all along [...]

    Preview ATLAS 3

    Unlettered, yet boss!

    THUNDERBOLTS 145 and NAMORA 1 out now

    Go get ‘em! I got lucky and got one of the Ramona Fradon covers. If you don’t know her, she’s an industry legend and designed the character Metamorpho. But what’s weird is that NAMORA and RAMONA are anagrams.


    And hotel-tenants everywhere are reading about it in their complimentary copy of USA TODAY. I also talk to to Chris Sims at COMICS ALLIANCE, though they did not go with his original headline “Parker Tells Saturn to Eat Uranus.” And here for fun, the original rough I did that Terry Dodson snickered at before drawing [...]

    Hardman and Parker talk to Siuntres

    A new Word Balloon interview! And this time John talks to me and Gabriel Hardman about ATLAS, and Planet of the Apes. Had we recorded this just a few days later, we would have probably talked about the late great Frank Frazetta, most likely. I’m currently looking for a frame to put my CREEPY cover [...]

    Taking ATLAS Questions… Now!

    Hey, we’ve got some space to do a letter column in ATLAS 1, so if you have questions about the team, past stories, almost anything- post them here in Comments. Try to avoid “what will happen” questions please, they’re just frustrating for everybody. And leave your real name for the response!


    Three issues, this Summer! Go read me speaking with Vaneta at NEWSARAMA. But wait, there’s more! Here’s another piece with Dave Richards at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES.


    Over at NEWSARAMA, get a few pages from next weeks AVENGERS VS ATLAS and behold the Gabe Hardman art with colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser!