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About Me (Jeff Parker)

I write and sometimes draw comics primarily, and I’m starting to expand into other media. I’ve also worked in animation and live-action storyboarding. I live in Portland, Oregon.

I was letting my Wikipedia Page hold this spot, but it’s pretty brief and sometimes becomes a competitive fiction contest, so I’m going to direct you to a couple of interviews that turned out to be very informative, and accurate to the best of my memory. And then feel free to update that wiki because I’m not supposed to do it myself.

The Comics Reporter Interview with Tom Spurgeon from 2011 covers a lot of ground, history and work-wise. All of his discussions are worth reading.

This Writer’s Workshop discussion with David Pepose at Newsarama goes into more detail about how I work than anything else I’ve done.

There are recorded talks out there, the most in-depth are always with John Siuntres of the much-praised Word Balloon podcast.