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  • Emerald City Friday Unlocked

    Wow are there a lot of people at Emerald City Comicon. I had a great Friday despite being frazzled from waking up every hour the night before thinking it was time to go to Jonathan Case’s house and begin the drive. There are TWO halls this year, so it’s now easily the biggest show right after San Diego’s Comicon. Reminder: I’m in K-03, where I was signing books, selling trades, and drawing commission art for those who asked. Two cool dudes started it off right by asking for fun ones: Satana and Man-Thing for one, Red Ghost and his Super Apes for the other. Steve Lieber made a Vine video of me finishing the former in the hotel room last night. That’s Key and Peele on in the background, not Lieber swearing at my art.

    A real highlight of the show so far has been meeting Carlo Pagulayan, who came all the way from the Philippines. We’ve worked together on Marvel books for eight years now, off and on, and he’s as nice a guy as he is brilliant talent. If you’re here definitely go see him because he doesn’t make it to the states much. It can’t be an accident that he was placed at table M-11.

    At 7 David Brothers and I pulled off the first PARKER-BROTHERS panel talking about writing comics in general, and it was a success. The only extra media or prop I took was a bottle of Jameson, and offered a drink to anyone I’d collaborated with before. The best related moment came when Gabriel Hardman walked in, got his drink, and walked out, showing off those story instincts he’s known for.

    Not surprisingly, David is really good at holding a discussion (he does it well in podcast form all the time). We talked about incorporating random life into structured stories to give them energy. I also explained why I believe you have to sublimate your inner fan when handling famous licensed characters, and Joe Hughes of Comics Alliance made a perfect counterpoint with “what about Dan Slott?” So I had to amend my statement to “unless you’re Dan Slott.” Really I’m just happy I could string together sentences as tired as I was and that it was at the end of the day. I hope we can take this show on the road some in the future.

    As I mentioned, I finished my art jobs in my room. I wanted to go down and experience all the fun that no doubt happened downstairs in the Sheraton, but I opted for sleeping and I’m happy about that today. Going to get some breakfast and head over in a bit!


    Comment from Mirko
    Time: March 2, 2013, 5:08 pm

    yai, this issue of AoA (Agents of Atlas, natch!) is framed and hanging in our hall. Yeah, Pagulayan is great. enjoy your time!

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