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  • Emerald City Schedule: Table K-03

    One more day until EMERALD CITY COMICON and I’m almost ready. I will have many, many trades paperbacks and books of all kinds, so come free them. Much of my Marvel work, Interman, Underground, Mysterius, Bucko, and conceivably more.

    I’ll also be DRAWING. So if you want a commission from me, try to get by my table early and on the list. Prices based on the request, how involved they are, etc. I tend to do inked pieces with tones.

    I’m sure I’ll be SIGNING or APPEARING ON PANELS but the only one I remember off the top of my head is at the Dark Horse Booth at 3 on Sunday signing Bucko and Willow. And of course the Parker/Brothers panel at 7 on Friday.

    Look forward to seeing many of you there, safe travel!


    Comment from David Oakes
    Time: February 28, 2013, 5:45 am

    Will you be discussing Monopoly?