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  • Launder Another Day

    See, I wasn’t lying, I did more to make that corner a room. If you look at left you can see the Pex water lines I ran, I still need to split them to go to the sink. I moved the power line for the dryer, and still need to wire in a light switch, light and outlet. Earlier I finally found my 4 inch hole saw, so I can put in a new dryer vent and run duct up to it- I don’t usually vent out the window like some lunatic. Also I’m hoping to find a utility sink that is deep but doesn’t stick out as much.

    As with every fix or project I have, the main obstacle is that I have to do things in stages that allow the space (or usually, car) to keep being used. It’s challenging, but it keeps many of the projects from becoming eternal works in progress.


    Comment from spencer
    Time: February 6, 2013, 1:32 pm

    how much would you charge to do this to my basement