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  • Skyfall

    SPOILERS. Now that you’ve ignored that warning, I enjoyed Skyfall, last night at the Roseway Theatre. I was wary of Sam Mendes directing a Bond movie to be honest, but he did well. There’s only a section where it gets very Mendes-y for a while, in Fantasy Shanghai where the visuals get indulgent and you lose all sense of geographical place, but soon after that it gets back on track. Specifically when they return to London. Here’s a good interview with cinematographer Roger Deakins, by the way.

    The script is by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade again, along with John Logan who is to be writing the next film. It was a shake up to have Bond’s (and M’s) history be relevant to the story, but I think it’s necessary to break formula now and then even with this kind of franchise. It’s not unprecedented, as it happened in Her Majesty’s Secret Service and License To Kill, and was expected with the 50 year anniversary. I admit, I was a complete sucker for the Aston Martin return, and I laughed pretty hard at M complaining how uncomfortable it was and the eject button joke.

    As Daniel Craig said in an interview, some of the humor returns with this movie but it works as tension breakers rather than smirky nods to the plot. We’re still good and far away from Roger Moore and his endless bathrobes. I like a fallible Bond, it makes all the big action pieces count more. Javier Bardem was excellent (is he ever not?) and in showing his particular Bond Villain abnormality, he executes a horrific character moment.

    Also like the choice of Moneypenny and congratulations to Ralph Fiennes on his promotion from Voldemort, and I salute the service of Judi Dench. I’ll wait for repeat viewings before making bold pronouncements on where this falls in the 007 hierarchy, but it was well worth seeing.