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  • Archive for November, 2012

    Cinnamon Hulk

    I’ve always thought the appeal of “Hulk” is it acknowledges we’re all capable of being destructive monsters, and the line to cross over into that realm is shockingly close. Take away the inhibition and reserve and a jerky comment that might make in-control-you roll your eyes becomes an insult requiring smashing. I talk with Dave [...]

    Preview WILLOW 2

    You can magically see some pages from a comic that will ship in the future! Next week is Willow: Wonderland #2 from Dark Horse, art by Brian Ching. Preview over at Comic Book Resources

    Tiny Tiny Trains

    The kids and I went for our yearly visit to the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club which opens to the public on weekends every November. It hasn’t changed much, but I always enjoy the place. It’s a big room with a lot of models based on Portland and surrounding area railways.

    Farewell Thunderbolts!

    This is it! This is where The Thunderbolts sail off into the sunset. Thanks everyone for supporting the “Underbolts” and I hope you’ll all stay on going forward with the people the book is actually named for now. Moonstone of course, would not be denied, and is switching allegiances because she can’t stand to not [...]


    SPOILERS. Now that you’ve ignored that warning, I enjoyed Skyfall, last night at the Roseway Theatre. I was wary of Sam Mendes directing a Bond movie to be honest, but he did well. There’s only a section where it gets very Mendes-y for a while, in Fantasy Shanghai where the visuals get indulgent and you [...]

    The Hour Cosmic

    The Hour Cosmic Podcast has gone to a gameshow format (possibly the future of ALL podcasts?) and they had me on the first one as a guinea pig with Brian Salvatore and Chad Bowers, sexily hosted by Matt Meylikhov or Matt “MeLikeHovercraft” as I renamed him. Listen on your drive home.

    RED 2 Out Today

    A spiffy alt cover by Luke Ross! RED SHE-HULK #59 is out in stores today, here’s a preview of Betty’s latest exploits. And timely enough, I talk to MTV GEEK about Betty!

    Mustache, Ahoy

    I’ve joined the masses of fellows who are growing mustaches during November to raise money for Men’s Health, aka prostate cancer. I can’t promise my light-colored ‘stache or “mo” as they call it in the movement, will contrast well enough by the end of the month, but if you have a dollar or two to [...]

    Love A Parade

    The Veteran’s Day Parade in Hollywood (Portland) just finished, and was spared the rain. My cub scout with the big hair did his job carrying his Den’s flag and is now knocking back hot chocolate like a kid who really likes sugar.


    Thanks to all American veterans out there and those who came before.

    Happy Carl Sagan Day!

    As a kid I was at the perfect age for Carl Sagan’s COSMOS series to hit and pull me into the greater world of science. Try to imagine it now, he was a rock-star astronomer! Johnny Carson used to have him on the Tonight Show and do skits imitating him, everyone knew who the “Billions [...]

    Willow is Out!

    WILLOW #1 from Dark Horse is out this week! Luscious art by Brian Ching, go magic it up.

    Vote It Up!

    This nerve-wracking time in the U.S. will be over after tomorrow (at some point, anyway) and I can’t wait. Decades of campaign strategists focusing on hot button divisive issues have polarized our country to a ridiculous degree, and the Electoral College makes people actually think in Red State/Blue State terms, which is patently false. Still, [...]

    Preview WILLOW: Wonderland

    Next week Willow: Wonderland comes out from Dark Horse with me and Brian Ching following Willow’s journey to return magic to the world. And here is a preview! Also, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. You: “Is this the Warwick Davis WILLOW, hur hur hur!“ Me: “No, it’s the Buffy character. [...]