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  • Sunday Random Sunday

    Back from Seattle, thanks to everyone who stopped by Comics Dungeon and bought BUCKO from Erika and me. Maybe tonight I’ll set up a Bucko cover image that fits over in the sidebar finally. I haven’t done it yet because the book is shaped landscape format and I’m lazy. So I’m mentioning it here to remind me.

    Photo by Jonathan Maus.

    Thinking of going out to the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show. Here’s a good rundown of yesterday by BikePortland.org’s Jonathan Maus.
    I’m kind of curious about wooden helmets. I’d think they’d be at least as good as conventional ones, though these are a bit pricey. No need to make the argument about how cheap anything is relatively when it might save your skull, I know. Though I do think most bike helmets are useless because they sit up on top of the head instead of protecting it lower. I wear a Bern.

    Back in comics news, a cool Canada-based anthology is coming together with an Indie Go-Go. Full of top talent like Mysterius creator Tom Fowler- read about TRUE PATRIOT.

    And Tom Spurgeon does his big Sunday interview with Julia Wertz today!


    Comment from Costa K.
    Time: October 21, 2012, 4:03 pm

    Those Bern ones look really nice and I can see how that extra few inches in the back can help.