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  • Archive for October, 2012

    Happy Halloween!

    These are actually jack o’lanterns Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire carved, I just liked the picture with the reflection on the table. I still have to carve mine and hopefully make my yard waste monster look like something by this evening. Hope you’re all doing something for the day, even if it’s just watching cool [...]


    Hoping the best for everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy today. Growing up in North Carolina, hurricanes were always a force we had to reckon with, as NC juts out right in the path of them. But the new pattern seems to aim for New York. They are nothing to laugh at, if you [...]

    Writing From One Who Knows

    Here’s some good thoughts about writing from Charles Johnson, who taught it long enough to drive a normal person insane- when I think back on my creative writing classes and how painful it must have been to read our fiction. We had absolutely nothing to say. Over at Brian McDonald’s blog, referred (I think) by [...]

    Canadian Comics, Kids

    Lots of worthy projects to be funded, but this one has many great cartoonists and my partner in Mysterius crime Tom Fowler. It’s TRUE PATRIOT over at Indie GoGo and you get a lot for it. Also it will pay the creators, which is what I believe these things need to be doing. Take a [...]

    The Process of Dodson

    A lot of you like seeing works in process, I think you’ll enjoy this breakdown of a page Terry Dodson did for the Bande Dessinee he’s working on, Songes.

    Sunday Random Sunday

    Back from Seattle, thanks to everyone who stopped by Comics Dungeon and bought BUCKO from Erika and me. Maybe tonight I’ll set up a Bucko cover image that fits over in the sidebar finally. I haven’t done it yet because the book is shaped landscape format and I’m lazy. So I’m mentioning it here to [...]

    Saturday in Seattle

    If you want to see me and Erika Moen between 1 and 4 in the afternoon and live in the Seattle area, we’ll be signing at The Comics Dungeon! Here’s the Facebook Event page with more details. Hope to see you.

    Comics Underground TONIGHT

    If you’re in Portland/Vancouver surrounding area, get on down to the Jack London Bar tonight for COMICS UNDERGROUND. It’s going to be a hairy time!

    Dark Avengebolts Out Today

    With the return of the THUNDERBOLTS and THE JUGGERNAUT!!! Let nothing stop you from charging into the comics shop today.

    Comics Underground- Thursday Night

    Thursday night at the Jack London Bar in Portland (529 SW 4th) is the latest Comics Underground, where Ben Dewey and I will be reading our story from the Planet of the Apes Annual! This will be my first time back since the first event, where Erika Moen and I read from Bucko. Coincidentally, Erika [...]

    Best Google Animation?

    Go look at this Winsor McKay tribute done for the Google logo today with Little Nemo. This is the best.

    Preview Dark Avengers 182

    Next week it’s the penultimate Thunderbolts story for Dark Avengers! Preview over at Comic Book Resources. And if you’re heading to the New York Comicon, have a great time, but not with me because I’m not there.

    Red Reviews Roll In

    Red She-Hulk is a very aggressive character, and readers may find themselves questioning whether her actions in this issue are truly justified. New readers might not even know to view Fortean as an antagonist, as Betty is the one that comes across as the real threat here. Full review at IGN For someone like myself [...]

    RED SHE-HULK Smashes Into Stores TODAY

    It begins! Red Betty is in town, ready to throw down. Go pick it up, RED SHE-HULK #58.

    TOMORROW! She Arrives!

    Very excited, Red She-Hulk takes over from her dad in RSH 58 beginning this Wednesday. And you can see part of a scene drawn by Carlo Pagulayan over at CBR right now. While I stare at this Skottie Young Baby Variant cover.