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  • Storage Accomplished

    I finally found a container just right for mounting on my bike rack that can keep out rain. Over at Andy and Bax, the military surplus/camping etc. store, they now have in some cases of varying widths and heights, and with three steel 3/8ths conduit flex straps bolted onto it, I have it solidly attached.

    I know my fellow OCDers out there wish I would rush back to the store and get another one to hang on the left side in perfect balance (believe me, I want to!) but that’s where I hang my computer case. Maybe I’ll soon take some pics of that and show how I made a pannier out of a thrift shop laptop bag.


    Comment from yeahaw!
    Time: September 12, 2012, 1:19 pm

    yeah, cycling is good! keeps you fit! cyclists of the world – unite!!