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  • Archive for September, 2012

    Robot Roulette

    And Day 2 of DICE is done, that was a great time. I’ll talk about it tomorrow, there’s pubbing to do now. But take a minute over at Robot 6 where JK Parkin has put me through the Robot Roulette question session for the week.

    DICE Day 1

    Had a fantastic first day at the Dublin International Comics Expo. Incredibly sweet people attended today, and I enjoyed meeting many of my readers. Did a couple of panels, one about writing with a murderer’s row of comics writers, then talked to another group about charging ahead with your independent comics with John Layman and [...]


    I haven’t been in this timezone in so long I forgot how confusing it is at first, coming from the west coast of the US. Got to walk around and see the town a bit and do the Guiness factory tour. Of course, it’s not the real place the stout is made, that’s across the [...]

    Dublin Bound!

    I’m off to IRELAND this weekend to appear at the Dublin International Comics Expo! If you’re in the area, I hope to see you! Gosh darn I have a long layover in Atlanta though.

    Red Talk

    Did a quick talk with Brian Arnold about RED SHE-HULK which is ALMOST HERE! Go read, we have about a week and a half…

    How Not To- Comics Crit by Dylan Meconis

    This spread far and wide earlier this week, but I want to contribute to it being accepted without question in comics critique mechanics so that every one who might review comics for the first time has a better chance of coming across it. Dylan Meconis covers almost all the problems that turn up when reviewers [...]

    The Tobin Talk.

    Paul Tobin conducted one of his Author to Author interviews with me, and I’m very happy with it. I think we talked about story making in a way we both really want to most of the time. I also love that I got the full Tobin treatment with the kinds of images he chooses to [...]

    December Hulkin’

    RED SHE-HULK #60 Written by JEFF PARKER Art by CARLO PAGULAYAN & WELLINTON ALVES • Vs. the Avengers!!! • Red She-Hulk = National Threat! • What shocking discovery does Machine Man make about the future of super-humans? 32 PGS./Rated T+… $2.99 On Sale in December Order Today!


    Today is the day! Gabriel Hardman and my Batman short story from DC DIGITAL is now live over at COMIXOLOGY for 99 cents. So if you have means to read comics that way, go! Otherwise you can wait until it’s compiled in print form in a couple of months, I think. Very excited, and it’s [...]

    DA 181 Out Today!

    Here’s the preview for “BOSS LEVEL” over at CBR. Read it, and stop by the store on the way home and get the whole thing. The harsh level is rising.

    Hardman and I Talk Batman

    Tim O’Shea talked with me and Gabriel Hardman about our digital BATMAN story that goes live this week, over at Comic Book Resources. There’s a little bit of the art from the story, and it’s magnificent.

    Yes We Motobecane

    Drove out to Ridgefield, Washington yesterday morning where an old bicycle swap meet was happening at a cool place called The Iron Ranch. It was mostly old Schwinns and a lot of Whizzers, so I didn’t find an old Raleigh 20 Folding bike like I hoped, but then I did bumble across this cool Motobecane [...]

    Greetings and SOLICITATIONS

    BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW—WONDERLAND #2 (of 5) Jeff Parker (W), Brian Ching (P), Jason Gorder (I), Michelle Madsen (C), David Mack (Cover), and Megan Lara (Variant cover) On sale Dec 5FC FC, 32 pages $2.99 In a strange new dimension, many unexpected encounters guide Willow on the quest to return magic to her world. [...]

    Proof: Bucko in Hardcover

    That and other pictures confirming the existence of the Bucko HARDCOVER from Dark Horse, created by me and Erika Moen, are over in this post at Erika’s site. And here’s another early review of the HARDCOVER BUCKO From Go Suck A Comic. If you happen to take pictures of people enjoying the book in the [...]


    As Erika Moen likes to say, the Bucko book from Dark Horse DROPS today! There are already reviews surfacing online, like here and over here. The book has shipped way early, no doubt thanks to editor Brendan Wright browbeating me and Erika to get all our stuff in months and months ago. Dark Horse did [...]