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  • DA 179- Farewell Walker and Martin


    I forgot to mention this last week, but I was at the beach in a tent. Today Dark Avengers 179 is out with art by Kev Walker and a guest scene by Gabriel Walta, who did excellent work. This is the last Kev art on the book as he goes off to do something that should be announced soon- I’ve seen it, and it’s spectacular. Kev is the man who really gave our run of Thunderbolts it’s voice and it’s hard to not see his pages show up in my inbox regularly, I was quite used to that. He also contributed tons of story and character ideas that we used. I hope some point soon he does more books that he writes as well as draws, because he’s a top level creator.

    Frank Martin also sneaks out with this one, and his work on Kev and Declan really took our stories to another level. You won’t find many color artists who think as hard about telling the story in addition to pulling off coloring so much complex art in a gorgeous fashion. Also Frank humors me and my ridiculous requests. The most impressive ability to me though is how he can adapt to wildly different art styles. He problem-solves it, figures out exactly what works best with the art he’s coloring. Most people are lucky to get one approach down, Frank invents a new one for every artist.

    As I’ve said, don’t worry for the book, we’ve got powerhouse Neil Edwards coming on as the regular guy, and I’m going to be talking about his process very soon. But if you see Kev or Frank online, thank them for all the brilliance we’ve enjoyed!


    Comment from Jerico
    Time: August 15, 2012, 7:24 pm

    man, I’m gonna miss his works 8(