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  • Archive for August, 2012

    Final Red Hulk.

    Tomorrow is the conclusion of Mayan Rule (Mayan Ruin!) and the departure point for Thaddeus Ross as heads to a new job and his daughter moves into the Hulk position. Here’s a preview over at Comic Book Resources.

    Immortal Armstrong

    Of course I mean Neil, the Commander of Apollo 11. I liked this 60 Minutes interview that Ed Bradley did with Neil Armstrong as I read all the tributes to the great astronaut’s life. Fittingly, my son and I went out and launched some rockets at the Delta Park field yesterday. I hope to take [...]

    Dark Avenging Begins

    Some interviews surfacing around the Fan Expo this weekend about the direction in DARK AVENGERS, which will become about… the Dark Avengers! BOLD. Mtv Geek Interview Comic Book Resources article Newsarama Interview

    Cheers Ben Abernathy

    One of the best editors you could ever hope to work for in the comics industry is making a job change and leaving DC Entertainment. Ben Abernathy is the reason Tom Fowler and I were able to create Mysterius The Unfathomable as one of the last books put out by DC imprint Wildstorm. He wrote [...]

    Kid Kesel!

    Can’t get enough of this picture of Karl Kesel and his new son reading comics. More accurately, baby Isaac is probably brewing up a poop, but he seems interested and happy to hear his dad read. Here’s Steve Duin in The Oregonian talking to Karl and Myrna about their newest Kesel.

    Prepare To Die!

    I’ve just finished reading Paul Tobin’s debut novel, Prepare To Die! from Night Shade Books. I went to Paul’s signing for the book at Powell’s two weeks ago and enjoyed his reading. Often when I buy books, even from friends (maybe, especially from friends) I don’t get around to reading them for months and sometimes [...]

    Trek In The Parkers

    The kids and I went to Cathedral Park in St. Johns Sunday to finally catch Trek In The Park, the sci-fi theatre experience born in the mind of Adam Rosko and put together by the cast itself, volunteers and the support of Portland businesses (like comics shops Bridge City and Things From Another World). The [...]

    The Deweys

    Yesterday my good friend and often comics collaborator Ben Dewey suckered Lindsay Ellis into lifetime commitment. It was a beautiful event. Congratulations Ben and Lindsay! Photo by Stewart Loving-Gibbard.

    Red Vengeance!

    This weekend take a look at Artist Alley comics, another webcomics imprint with some very cool titles. I’ve been excited for Chris Kemple’s RED VENGEANCE to start rolling like this and just bought the first issue. It’s excellent!

    Hulk 56: Mayans Win

    Out in stores now, HULK 56 gives us a world where the Mayan Gods have won and Red Hulk has looked A LOT better. Drawn by Dale Eaglesham and colored by Val Staples, it’s beautiful. Here’s the preview over at CBR.

    DA 179- Farewell Walker and Martin

    179 PREVIEW AT COMIC BOOK RESOURCES I forgot to mention this last week, but I was at the beach in a tent. Today Dark Avengers 179 is out with art by Kev Walker and a guest scene by Gabriel Walta, who did excellent work. This is the last Kev art on the book as he [...]

    Vote BUCKO. ORDER Bucko!

    If you enjoyed or suspect you will enjoy BUCKO, the webcomic by me and Erika Moen, then today is the day to bring it, as Erika would say. This week is the final entry for The Harvey Awards, where we’ve been nominated in the webcomics category. Also there’s still time to tell your local comics [...]

    Joe Kubert

    The news came down yesterday that the great Joe Kubert has passed on. I didn’t feel down about it because I can’t think of many cartoonists who lived life on their own terms as well as he did. He was still producing masterful comics all the way up to the end of a long life, [...]

    Today is M DAY.

    If you have a minute, please look at this fund raiser for The Hero Initiative. Tom Brevoort of Marvel set it up in honor my friend Mike Wieringo and editor Mark Gruenwald who both passed away on this date. Now the Initiative has designated August 12th as M Day, to benefit those in the comics [...]

    Welcome Neil Edwards!

    I mentioned on some podcast (Pat Loika’s? Multiversity? I can’t remember) that Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey were moving on (sniff) to handle other work Marvel has asked of them, but Dark Avengers readers needn’t worry. We’ve landed the amazing and impressive talent of Neil Edwards on the book, and he is KILLING! Also he’s [...]