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  • Real Tragedy

    Terrible news out of Aurora, Colorado. When will we get serious about treating mental health and regulating guns in this country? I’m not trying to politicize this horrible thing, but we should be able to just go watch a movie without living in fear. Deepest condolences to everyone affected by last night.


    Comment from Mirko
    Time: July 24, 2012, 4:11 am

    when will the US get serious…? when there’s more money to be made from peace and living peacefully together than from selling weapons and discarding those in need…

    To be honest, people in Europe, to be more specific Germany, shake their heads at the given right to carry arms in the US Constitution.

    Not that we haven’t had shotings here. Thank God, they’re very seldom. And they always involve a young man who has accesss to a weapon from his father who’s always a member of a shooting club.

    It’s such a stupid and sad story. So unnecessary!

    My condolences to the families and freinds of the victims.