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  • Archive for July, 2012

    Archery Accomplished

    Day 1 of Cub Scout camp is down, rest of the week left. The highlight of today for my wolf boy was shooting arrows. I may be slow to respond online this week as there is no wifi (that I can access) out in campland.

    Axel Weighs In

    Alonso: It just seemed like the right move. Jeff’s enthusiasm for the story was infectious. It’s the kind of super-heroine book [Senior Editor] Mark Paniccia always wanted to do: a high-octane, 100-mph action series that will stand up to any male super-hero comic. In this week’s Axel in Charge at Comic Book Resources, Marvel EiC [...]


    If you’re looking for something new and cool to read on your digital device, I suggest WANDER by Kevin Church and Grace Allison. Russ Burlingame interviews Church about the feature and how it came to be with Monkeybrain Comics. I also liked that Kevin referred to David Hahn’s Private Beach in the piece. Here’s the [...]

    Dark Avengers 178 Today

    Haven’t put up Declan layouts in a while, and since we’re almost all out of Shalvey as he goes to Venom, now is a good time. Pick up DA 178 by him, me, and Kev Walker today! As for Hulk, I don’t know why it’s shipping later. Dale and Val and I had everything done [...]

    Because I Just Wanted To Show A Lego Fossil

    Here’s an interesting piece on NPR about how Lego innovated themselves out of trouble to become the thing I have to buy for every kid’s birthday. At some point I want to write a lengthy blog on Playmobil, which I’m also a big fan of.

    Farewell, Thunderbolts Tower

    A preview of this week’s Dark Avengers over at CBR.

    Saturday Reading

    “There’s this gigantic range of stories being told in indie comics — biographies, nonfiction, every sort of thing. So if you don’t want to read something about crime-fighting superheroes, you have 10,000 other subjects to choose, and most of those are independently published.” – Sarah Oleksyk Cool piece in the LA Times right now focusing [...]

    Real Tragedy

    Terrible news out of Aurora, Colorado. When will we get serious about treating mental health and regulating guns in this country? I’m not trying to politicize this horrible thing, but we should be able to just go watch a movie without living in fear. Deepest condolences to everyone affected by last night.


    Just want to drop a quick thanks to everyone for spreading my spiel about the Hulk direction, you’ve really helped get the word out. Still a lot to do to get out the message that this book has a strong course, but this is a fantastic beginning.


    WOMEN CHARACTERS DO NOT SELL BOOKS. Especially in big Action-Adventure. This is what I’m hearing, like it’s foolish to even think of trying it. This is the prevailing wisdom in comics. Until it’s not. Bad practices in the past decades have paved over diversity we once took for granted. Instead of considering the comics industry [...]

    Breaking Bad, Back!

    The premiere of season 5 was tonight, and Steve Lieber and I raced over to see it at the Academy Theatre, which was showing it in their largest room for free. But were turned away, as the place was at capacity! Thankfully our old pal David Hahn was DVRing it and invited us in and [...]


    In our local paper The Oregonian today, Shawn Levy polls some of the local comics folks for their takes on superhero movies. A lot of good thoughts on the subject, plus you get to see which comics movies we all hate. Portland’s comic book elite pick their most beloved (and bemoaned) comics movies

    SHE Takes Over HULK

    Yesterday at San Diego Comicon Marvel announced the Hulk news: as of issue 58, Red She-Hulk becomes the lead! You may have noticed there aren’t many women titles in the superhero adventure world these days, so I’m glad to be given the chance to helm one. I think we have a unique situation with a [...]


    One of my favorite cartoonists, Sean Gordon Murphy, now has his first issue of Punk Rock Jesus out from DC/Vertigo. It’s gorgeous and engaging and so much more alive than most comics series. I highly recommend it if you’re heading by a comics store.

    Dark Avengers 177

    Is out TODAY!!! From here on, we see both parts of the story at the same time, future and present, so hang on. And a new character comes riding into the story at the end, whose word is LAW. Go get it and come right back!