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  • Archive for May, 2012

    Dark Avengers Preview

    At Newsarama, here’s a VERY SPECIAL preview once you get into it!

    New WORD BALLOON Podcast

    Hey, I’m talking to John Siuntres on Word Balloon again, about most things I’m involved with at the moment like Thunderbolts, Hulk, the Bucko Book, the Creepy story with Colleen Coover and the digital Batman story with Gabriel Hardman. It’s a typical jam-paced WB show, as John talks to Greg Ruck and Sal Abbinanti too. [...]

    Ridley Scott on Storyboards

    Actually I should post a link to this video that I saw courtesy of cartoonist Ben Towle earlier, courtesy other people still. It’s Ridley Scott talking about how he uses storyboards in making his films. And waving a cigar around. Lots of you seem storyboard-curious, so you might like this.


    I had a really funny post for today and now I can’t find the comic I need to scan. Foo. Maybe tomorrow.

    Memorial Day Tradition

    I know I do this almost every time, but there are still few statements that work as well on Memorial Day as Milt Caniff’s famous Terry and the Pirates strip “Pilot’s Creed” Sunday. Courtesy The Library of American Comics.

    Neat Simonson Find

    I love seeing comics creators turn up on old letter pages, and this one is even better because there’s art. Allan Harvey puts up this letters page from Magnus: Robot Fighter over at his Gorilla Daze site, featuring young Walt Simonson writing in with a robot design. And even better it’s a good design, but [...]

    National Lampoon’s STAYCATION

    Boy my neighborhood is dead. Absolutely everyone who wasn’t us has gone somewhere for the holiday weekend. It feels like every other Twilight Zone episode where you walk down the middle of the street calling for others. One day we’re going some place, you just watch. I guess I could feed everyone’s pets in the [...]


    Everyone keeping up with the Dragon spacecraft docking with the International Space Station? You can follow the SPACE X Twitter for updates. Private space flight makes a huge leap forward!

    Pod People

    I’m on a podcast tear for the next couple of weeks, and first up is me talking with Eric Ratcliffe over at The Outhousers. It was hard to get started with Eric’s dog demanding air time, but we did and covered some neat stuff, even talking about the short-lived EXILES series. Coming up I’m going [...]


    Today you find out what the dark force haunting Red Hulk is and see how Carlo Pagulayan draws the Legion of Monsters, so call the store and say Hold That Book. This is exceptionally great work from Carlo during a very trying time for him- he lost his mother while working on this arc, and [...]

    Legion Of Monsters- Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is HULK 52 with the Legion of Monsters, as only Carlo Pagulayan can draw them. I’ll dig out some more Carlo pencils by then. With Val Staples colors!


    I was going to put up a photo I took of the eclipse yesterday, but none of my iPhone pics look like anything. Note: need to get real camera again. I was setting up the telescope and going to smoke a viewing lens, but found that just looking through sunglasses with a slight squint was [...]

    Eclipse Today!

    If you’re on the west coast of the U.S., from about 5:30 to 7:45 you’ll be able to see the solar eclipse today. Actually if you’re west of the Mississippi you should be able to see it, but it won’t appear the sun is being eaten by a dragon as clearly as it will far [...]

    At The Car Wash

    Got to head up and do the morning shift with Stephen for the Boy Scout Carwash today. If you’re driving around NE Portland in your pollen covered car, come by St. Rose at 2727 NE 54th Ave. and we will spray it off, scout-style. Suggested donation ten bucks!

    New Hulk Next Week!

    My man AJ has the preview for HULK 52 up at his Red Hulk Blog so you can see it all in one scroll. It’s Red Hulk meets… THE LEGION OF MONSTERS! Drawn by the inimitable Carlo Pagulayan.