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  • Jeep Work Saturday

    Today was warm and sunny, like nature saw people packing to move away and said “okay, fine. Here’s your nice weather.” I was able to get back to fixing my Jeep Grand Cherokee that is slowly being returned to form.

    I first put my headliner back in, after taking it out- the fabric was coming apart and sagging everywhere. I pulled all the fabric off, scraped off all the foam and began spraying it with rubber undercoating to fill in the fiberglass board. After it was fairly solid again, the dull black didn’t look so hot so I tried a couple of different colors over it. I finally went with good ol’ gloss black. Now it’s back in, and I have a little bit of fooling to do with the overhead console and that will be back up too.

    Now I’m tackling the floor. The carpet was in horrible shape, more of a biomass after years of babies eating in the car, so I pulled it all out. The past couple of weeks I’ve been driving with only one or two seats inside, it’s been raining so I couldn’t work on the floor. But today I cleaned and roughed up the surface of the rear section from cargo to under the back seats, prepping it to put Herculiner down. That’s the rubbery liner you often see in truck beds. I’m going to opt for that with heavy floor mats instead of carpet, and if I ultimately don’t like it, I can still carpet over it. But I’m trying to make this a camping/snow vehicle suitable for muddy feet.

    Anyway, tomorrow I hope to pass that hurdle. I also adjusted the transmission throttle valve cable, for what that’s worth. You know I have no news when I write about working on cars. Might be some bike repair coming up too if you’re lucky!


    Comment from Costa K
    Time: April 22, 2012, 4:59 am

    These blog posts are the only way I learn anything about cars, so keep it up.

    Comment from Parker
    Time: April 22, 2012, 7:26 am

    Yassou, Costa- then I’ll keep it up!