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  • Specific to Comics Format…

    This is maybe too basic, but it couldn’t hurt to have a reminder if you’re writing comics. Don’t forget where the page turns are (this won’t matter as much when its all digital). Unless your publisher does something different with the book, page 1 is on the right and page 2 will be your first reveal page turn. And it will follow that way, so if you want a double page spread, it needs to start on an even numbered page.

    Obviously you can change this line up with ads, but if the work will be collected in a trade you’ll have to come up with an extra page of SOMETHING somewhere to make that line up right again. Notice companies usually put two ads to a single front and back of a page to not alter that order, or quickly follow a right page ad with a left one. Again, this all seems very basic but I’ve seen people put a moment that was clearly to be a big reveal right on a facing odd numbered page so you couldn’t avoid spoiling the progression.

    I particularly wish everyone would stop making ads that look like comics pages because it’s in a comic book, because it confuses lots of readers to continue into the ad. I realize that’s probably the point though.


    Comment from Rob London
    Time: April 12, 2012, 10:31 am

    I can’t get on board with that last request, if only because of delicious Hostess Fruit Pies.