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  • Big Day: Creepy! Hulk! Thunderbolts!

    I don’t know why all my books have to come out on the same week instead of spreading the wealth, but I suppose if you follow my stuff in particular it makes it easier for you. This really is a banner week for me- first, from Dark Horse I reunite with my ol’ X-Men First Class partner Colleen Coover for a story in CREEPY #8. It involves Women Of The Night!

    And we reach the milestone 50th issue of HULK in the Marvel section, where I again reunite with another past collaborator, Carlo Pagulayan. And this has Dr. Strange in it. And for the first time ever I got to work with pal Dan Brereton, who painted the back up story. In short, this issue is easy on the eyes.

    Finally we kick off THUNDERBOLTS VS. THUNDERBOLTS drawn by the Scourge of Dublin, Declan Shalvey! This pits our Bolts against the very first team, and in short, the Thunderbolts finally screw up history as we suspected they would all along. Also I conduct an interview with the team that put the title together and they tell me how it all went down.

    So there, your local store should be open by now. Go. Get the books. I’ll be right here when you’re back.


    Comment from A.J.
    Time: April 4, 2012, 6:25 am

    It’s a good day to be a Parker fan!