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  • Archive for April, 2012

    Read RESET by Peter Bagge

    Because it’s really good. I was on the Dark Horse panel Saturday with Erika Moen, Jonathan Case and Peter Bagge, and some extra copies were on the table of RESET #1. I know what to do when a free comic is within grasp. Later I read it and really got into the story- Bagge is [...]

    Cat and Bunny Show

    Can the neighbor bunny and our cat ever get along?


    As you’ve watched me learn in public, I will be at the Stumptown Comics Fest at the Convention Center in Portland today! Mostly in the late afternoon- I’m signing at the Dark Horse booth for the BUCKO book at 2:30 and then talking about it on a panel at 5. There are a lot of [...]


    Gah, I posted nothing today. But if you look at me talking to Dustin Harbin and Ben Towle on Twitter today, I accidentally said some made up rules about breaking up dialogue in comics panels that might be useful if you’re trying to figure out stuff like this. At some point I may do a [...]

    I Was Wrong- I AM at Stumptown Comics Fest

    That’s what I get for saying things. I will actually be appearing twice this Saturday at the Stumptown show, once signing with Erika Moen at the Dark Horse booth at 2:30, and then on the Redefining Genre Dark Horse Panel at 5pm in room B114. Both are about the upcoming BUCKO book, as pertains to [...]

    Stumptown Comics Fest This Weekend

    Portland Oregon’s shining jewel The Stumptown Comics Fest is happening this Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re driving distance, hit it. A plethora of great guests and panels. I won’t be set up myself, I like to just attend the show most of the time, it’s always full of awesome as they used to say [...]


    I didn’t follow up on the work I was doing this weekend because Colleen Coover busted out that Freddie Mercury/ Wolverine page. I did apply the Herculiner to the back half of the jeep. It looks pretty good so I’ll proceed to do the rest on the next sunny day we get.

    Colleen Coover Goes For It

    Colleen Coover takes up the gauntlet today, doing her own version of the Greatest Sample Page Of All Time. Go see what, rather WHO Wolverine hunts!

    Michael Cho at Comics Reporter

    Here’s a fine Sunday morning gift, Tom Spurgeon talks to Michael Cho! Cho was supremely cool enough at Emerald City Con to give me a page from the X-Men First Class story we did together, and I still need to frame it (them, it’s in two sections). Go look and enjoy.

    Jeep Work Saturday

    Today was warm and sunny, like nature saw people packing to move away and said “okay, fine. Here’s your nice weather.” I was able to get back to fixing my Jeep Grand Cherokee that is slowly being returned to form. I first put my headliner back in, after taking it out- the fabric was coming [...]

    Learn, swine!

    In exchange for all the swell free work our interns do for us at Periscope Studio, one of our duties is giving demos and lectures on comics making, in subjects we like to hold forth about. Today Colleen Coover walked them through using the Manga Studio program, which quickly drew the interest of our members [...]

    Crazy Short Writing Tip

    -write the end first.

    Thunderbolts 173 Is Out! More Shalveythumbs

    Since that last round of Declan Shalvey thumbnail layouts went over so well, here’s the first half of today’s book in that form. This really is one of the neatest parts of the book coming together. Hope you enjoy part two of Thunderbolts Vs. Thunderbolts, especially the cliffhanger…

    Shalvey Pencils!

    Since everyone is digging Declan Shalvey’s process stuff that he’d probably like to show on his own site- sorry Dec! I’m putting up his pencils from the preview pages you can see in yesterday’s post. In fact, if you go over to his site today he has a couple of these pages inked, so you [...]

    This Week- A Thunderdeath!

    Big, big happenings as The Thunderbolts finally disrupt reality as you all suspected they would. Here’s a preview from CBR.