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  • Red Hulk Q & A

    When even I can’t remember something that we’ve done in the HULK series, I turn to A.J. over at the Red Hulk Blog. And in recognition of the upcoming 50th issue, he’s taken questions from readers and I’ve answered them. A lot of very specific detail type stuff that I don’t usually get asked, so it’s pretty interesting. In that one answer where I mention a Vampirella story I drew early on, that was never printed so don’t confuse it with the shown piece from my recent auction. For those keeping excessive score at home. Thanks again to A.J. and for everyone sending in good questions.


    Comment from YeaHaw!
    Time: March 26, 2012, 2:08 am

    hey Jeff, thnaks for answering my and the other qestions! Keep on rocking! Mirko/YeaHaw!