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  • Archive for March, 2012

    Book Announcement Today

    Emerald City Schedule!!

    I’m in Seattle, and the doors will open at 2 this afternoon for the Emerald City Comicon. The main things you need to know are: My table is at F-21. Tom Fowler is next to me, painting away. I will have books to sell and will draw commissions if you can sign up early. When [...]

    Step 3: Put Books and Art in a Suitcase

    Also: put clothes and toothbrush and whatnots in a bag. Make sure no bag weighs over 50 pounds, which is also an Amtrak rule. Possibly find some classy cover for my table. Borrow wife’s earplugs because I’m rooming with Snorin’ Tom Fowler. Arrive at train station on time, have cab fare for reaching hotel. Look [...]

    Take. Books. Home. Today.

    AND ART. Sorry, just reminding myself to pack trades and pages to sell at EMERALD CITY COMICON which is in two days. TWO DAYS. I’m sitting… somewhere in there. Tomorrow I’ll post my table and panel info. AFTER I TAKE HOME SOME BOOKS.

    Read Me Some Hunger Games

    Now I have read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games like the rest of the world. I liked it! I can tell I would have been completely into it as a young teen and am happy that it’s filling a role as the Anti-Twilight. My daughter kept trying to spirit it away and read it herself and [...]

    Emerald City Approacheth

    All this week is likely to be me reminding myself to get ready for the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, so sorry for subjecting you to my laundry list in advance. Or that I need to be at the train station Thursday. In recent years, I’ve gotten away from doing many commissions, but now that [...]

    Fiddle Closure!

    Fiddle Time.

    Heading down to Salem in a little while so my daughter can be in an Old Time Fiddlers competition. She has four minutes to do three songs and she’s been practicing for weeks. The last time we went there just to watch and heard some very impressive amateurs who were clearly going to be a [...]

    Carry On.

    Red Hulk Q & A

    When even I can’t remember something that we’ve done in the HULK series, I turn to A.J. over at the Red Hulk Blog. And in recognition of the upcoming 50th issue, he’s taken questions from readers and I’ve answered them. A lot of very specific detail type stuff that I don’t usually get asked, so [...]

    Thunderbolts 171: SONGBIRD

    Thunderbolts 171 is in stores today, it’s the Songbird issue! I thought you might like to see an unused cover rough Kev Walker did. I would like a tropic vacation like Songbird takes in this issue. Up until the part it goes horribly wrong, of course. Excellent colors by Frank Martin, as usual.

    Bogtrotter Victorious

    We finished Matilda last night. It’s excellent, maybe now one of my favorite Roald Dahl books and has some of the funniest illustrations I’ve ever seen from Quentin Blake. All the images of Miss Trunchbull are worthy of prints, but my favorite piece is that of Bruce Bogtrotter when he’s (spoilers!) successfully eaten the giant [...]

    Dark Days: Thunderbolts and Hulk News

    TONS of news out of Wondercon this weekend. And I did so many interviews I am not saying one bit of it again, you can read through them and find out anything you need to know. First, THUNDERBOLTS becomes DARK AVENGERS. MTV Geek Comic Book Resources Newsarama Then Dale Eaglesham joins HULK for our big [...]


    I’m completely forgetting the real purpose of the internet lately. Here’s Honeyboy on the staircase. Now Rocketgirl will have to get equal time soon.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    Wear green, find a shamrock, and read the Alex Toth adaptation of Darby O’ Gill and the Little People. Sure’n I’m going to go try and trick artist Declan Shalvey into telling me where he hides his gold.