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  • Aha.

    I wasn’t having that great a night, but I just looked through iPhoto for something else and came across this pic of Rocketgirl sneaking soup while my wife’s back was turned, and now I feel a little better. We must all observe eternal vigilance as long as there are cats in the world.


    Comment from John Velousis
    Time: February 12, 2012, 11:43 pm

    Ah, cats. My wife and I tend to do most of our eating together at the coffee table in front of our TV. When we have people-food on the table, the cat that owns us – Pike – will jump on the couch and try to look utterly blase’. Then, when he thinks we aren’t on guard, he’ll casually step on the table, “Tum te tum, I’m just walking around like normal, the coffee table just happens to be where I’m going…” Cats find joy in evil-doing. I like that.