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  • Archive for February, 2012

    MYSTERIUS on Digital-Today Only!

    I mean, it will be offered after today, but not for just 99 cents an issue! You can read the whole series for $6 today through Comixology, so get in on that action. Incredible artwork by Tom Fowler, demons from children’s literature, naked witches, seances, everything you need from a comic about a self-centered magician [...]

    Atlas Scripts Up In There

    Well, just two, but I’m starting on that section now. I should be putting a few Agents of Atlas scripts up in the new SCRIPTS resource page this week, and I’m beginning with a couple from the solo series, Gorilla-Man and The Uranian. That’s two separate minis, not a wacky buddy-cop show. I’m sure I [...]

    Bikes Vs. Cars

    It’s not a real rivalry, but our local media in Portland enjoy portraying it as one because it gets people fired up. Us/Them stories bring in the viewers and readers, I guess. I like The Oregonian, but they play into it too, like in this article, which makes it appear that roads aren’t getting fixed [...]

    Open Mic

    What’s really been great for Allie is playing open mic night at the Spring Creek Coffee House, where she also improvises with a band. It complements her Suzuki lessons really well, and her brother gets lots of drawing done during the performance.


    I toyed with the idea of putting an ADVICE section on the site, another place where I could point people instead of writing up the same answers again. But I could just as well point everyone to Steve Lieber’s advice page on his site, it says most everything I would say. Though I guess I [...]


    I recently got back a box of art that was just sitting in storage for years, and it has a good chunk of pages from when I drew more often. Since I don’t do commissions except at shows (and go to less of those all the time) I thought maybe I should sell some of [...]

    Goal Setting.

    Almost finished reading Cressida Cowell’s How To Train Your Dragon books with my kids, and now my self-imposed deadline is coming up fast. After some ideas for a children’s novel finally started coming to me recently, I boasted that I would soon begin reading them a rough draft of this yet-to-be book. As they love [...]

    Coover at Multiversity

    There’s a good interview with Colleen Coover at Multiversity Comics today, and they have other talks worth reading too. This is a good time to remind anyone that Colleen and I worked together again on a story for CREEPY #8 from Dark Horse, and you can still order it if you let your retailer know [...]

    And Julian Tedesco INKS

    Click to Go Big or go home. If you want to compare those pencil pages posted yesterday to what he ended up with after inks, here’s all but page 11, which I couldn’t find. So I’m including page 12, which has Red Hulk on it. And apparently he doesn’t work with inks much, which is [...]

    Julian Tedesco Pencils

    Click to GO BIG! Thought you might like to see some of Julian Totino Tedesco’s pencils from tomorrow’s VENOM 13.3. He pencils his pages out in a loose way that has lots of energy yet already shows the acting clearly. Tomorrow I’ll put up some of the inks- the guy is simply impressive. Check out [...]

    Happy Puzzledents Day

    It’s Presidents Day here in the States, which means as a freelancer, I’ll still be working. BUT I can park downtown for free, I think. We’ll see in a bit. For no particular reason, here’s the jigsaw puzzle my wife and I have been working on in bursts the past few days. The disappointing thing [...]

    Pine Power

    For those who wanted closure on Stephen’s first Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, he did really well. After years of me railing on dads who do the cars for their kids, I… kind of became the monster. But I tried not to! Stephen asked me how I would cut the car, and I picked the easiest [...]

    Preview VENOM 13.3

    Hope you’re following the Venom: Circle of Four story, next week is part 3 by me and Julian Totino Tedesco, whose art blew me away. Here’s a preview at Comic Book Resources. Someone remind me when the issue hits Wednesday and I’ll put up some of his pencils from the issue, I think you’ll enjoy [...]

    Delilah Dirk!

    Twitter is hell-of-useful for tunnel-visioned people like me unaware of the greater world. Until Jen Van Meter linked it a while ago, I didn’t know about Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant at all and now there’s one more thing out there I can enjoy. Then Eric Newsom pointed me to creator Tony Cliff’s blog [...]

    Karl Kesel, Mad Genius

    A good place to go on the comics internet now is my studiomate Karl Kesel’s madgeniuscomics.com. There you can read Karl and Tom Grummett’s SECTION ZERO as well as Karl teaming up with various great artists on Johnny Zombie. Karl is making the blog a very good time and sometimes even posts his recipes. That’s [...]