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  • Archive for January, 2012

    The FINAL Bucko…?

    OR IS IT! If you haven’t been reading Bucko, the webcomic Erika Moen and I do, you can start at the beginning and go all the way to the finish now! Thanks to Erika’s fearlessness and willingness to go as far as possible for a joke, I’ve been able to do stories and scenes that [...]

    Pineapple Juice.

    FINALLY. I have found a drink I can keep in the fridge that the rest of the family will leave alone but I can love. Thank you, Trader Joe’s Pineapple Juice. Of course, this means they will stop carrying it in two months, like everything else I get into.

    Sad Soccer Sunday

    At Portland Indoor Soccer: Little Kickers, but. All we can do is merely watch kids run around and kick because Stephen scraped up his toes at a pool party last night. At least he seems to be enjoying observing. Half-sad trombone instead.

    Preview next week’s HULK

    Zero/One is a proper supervillain now, complete with island base and mutilated assistant. Red Hulk and Machine Man (and possibly Red She-Hulk) find out the hard way… Comic Book Resources Preview

    OH Snap.

    Finally figured out the css I needed to change! This layout = More like it.


    As you can see if you’ve been here before, I’ve been meddling with the wordpress theme. Since I never update the little covers at left- who has the time- I thought they could go. They make for slower loading the first time and get in the way when I’m trying to connect a post image [...]

    Story Tip Thursday

    Try to introduce a character in a weird position if at all possible. Hanging upside down is always good. Anything but just standing there. The best is if they can be doing something physically that says the main thing you need to know about their personalities. That’s like I just handed you money, so go [...]

    Order These Fine Periodicals.

    Hulk #50 Jeff Parker (W) • Carlo Pagulayan (A/C) Variants By Arthur Adams, Humberto Ramos & Walter Simonson Blank Cover Also Available • Bonus-Sized! A Great Jumping On Point, As The Ghoulish Haunted Hulk Arc Begins! • Who Or What Is The Dark Figure Hunting Red Hulk? • Can Red Hulk’s Might Match Malevolent Magic? [...]

    My Violinist

    This is really for any of my family who check in and want to see what one of the little Parkers is up to, but maybe you’re a fan of the Suzuki school. Allie has been playing since she was 4. My iPhone can’t zoom in!

    Underground, IFC

    At the Independent Film Channel site, Rick Marshall makes a better case for why UNDERGROUND should be a movie than I ever can. If you never saw it, this is the book by me and Steve Lieber about two park rangers trying to stay alive in a cave system in Kentucky. Give the Marshall article [...]

    Missed it!

    By now it’s probably obvious my New Year’s resolution was to post EVERY DAY on my website. Over the past couple of years I’d let it languish, opting for the much less time-invested Twitter. I’ve had lots of heavy deadlines and felt if anything could give, Parkerspace would be the choice. At one point, years [...]

    Thunderbolts: Original or Extra Crispy

    From upcoming issue, art by Kev Walker. And then much more coming on that from Declan Shalvey. And now I’ve got that horrible joke out of my system so I’m not compelled to put it in the story. Whew.

    Try The Tragedy Series

    As if it were written and drawn just for me, Ben Dewey’s TRAGEDY SERIES appears several times a week on Tumblr. Ben draws lots of animals, and well, in the feature. He also makes prints you can order of your favorites. I’ve worked with Ben before on a story in Dark Horse Presents, and hopefully [...]

    Reminder: You Want Thunderbolts 169

    For maybe the best depiction of Merlin yet, courtesy Kev Walker.

    Preview Thunderbolts 169

    Tomorrow it’s a Thunderbolt In King Arthur’s Court with artist Kev Walker, and here’s a preview over at Comic Buzz…. PREVIEW 169