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  • Archive for February, 2011

    Bucko Friday

    Will Bucko stay awake? Today’s strip is up. Also, I see that my push of Lorna: Relic Wrangla was my 1000th post- wow! I hope that imparted some kind of numerological magic to the book’s orders.

    Lorna: Relic Wrangler Ordering NOW

    Been meaning to elucidate those ordering from Previews (like, this week) that a fun book they might want in on is coming soon from Image, Micah Harris and Loston Wallace’s LORNA: RELIC WRANGLER. Go see these boss pages! And here’s some of the lowdown on the kind of adventure you’ll find within: Fun fact: Washington [...]

    Bucko at Robot 6

    On Tuesdays, all the free world reads BUCKO. Link. And Erika Moen and I talked to Tim O’Shea about this webcomics thing over at Talking With Tim on CBR, to provide more context. Linky-link Say whaa- and now the Greg Burgas LOOOONNNNG interview is up too! Link

    BUCKO Friday

    Where we explore the terrifying possibilities of public restrooms! New Bucko strip

    A BUCKO for Tuesday

    The latest episode of BUCKO is up over at www.bucko.com!

    All Hail BUCKO!

    It’s a big day! Startoonist (I just made that up) Erika Moen and I are launching BUCKO, our new webcomic. Erika has just put up the first three strips and the next will go up Friday, for a Tuesday-Friday publishing schedule. It’s about young adults in a town very similar to where Erika and I [...]